Advisor Group Expands Financial Professionals’ Ability To Create, Customize And Execute Targeted Marketing Campaigns With Enhancements To Acclaimed MyCMO Marketing Platform

Advisor Group Expands Financial Professionals' Ability To Create, Customize And Execute Targeted Marketing Campaigns With Enhancements To Acclaimed MyCMO Marketing Platform

MyCMO Enhancements Include AI-Driven Social Media and Email Content, Embedded Video Capabilities, Data-Driven Marketing Guidance, Real-Time Performance Metrics, Tighter Integration with Advisor Group’s Online Portal at Significantly Reduced Costs

Advisor Group’s Investments in Digital Marketing Tools and Its Strategic Marketing Consulting Team Reflect Increased Business Growth Opportunities for Financial Professionals with Digital Brand Building and Virtual Client Engagement and Acquisition

 Advisor Group, the nation’s largest network of independent wealth management firms, today announced the launch of significant enhancements to MyCMO, a multi-channel digital marketing platform that allows affiliated financial professionals to create, customize and execute targeted marketing campaigns on a streamlined and cost-efficient basis. First launched in 2017, the widely acclaimed MyCMO platform has been game-changing in driving referrals and creating opportunities for financial professionals’ growth. It is recognized across the wealth management space for its technological innovation, ease of use and effectiveness in building success for financial professionals.

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Susan Theder, Advisor Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, said, “The power of a strong marketing plan that integrates activities across all marketing channels – from web and email to social and print – cannot be overstated, especially now that virtual client engagement and acquisition has largely replaced traditional in-person touchpoints. Many financial professionals are unsure of where to begin with marketing, and some think they can’t spare the time to do it effectively. Our enhanced MyCMO platform leverages Advisor Group’s proprietary content, the powerful technology of the FMG Suite platform and the knowledge and experience of our internal team of expert marketing strategists, making it easy for financial professionals to create and execute a sophisticated, integrated marketing plan that is customized, authentic and measurable in results. We’re proud to be in our financial professionals’ corner and to provide them with the solutions they want and need to achieve their goals.”

Ms. Theder continued, “MyCMO takes much of the heavy lifting of marketing off our financial professionals’ shoulders and allows them to focus on the activities that will yield the greatest ROI. By integrating content and media options into one platform from which they can execute multi-channel campaigns, MyCMO is empowering financial professionals to leverage their time and resources in the most valuable way, allowing them to stand apart from their competition and achieve outsized growth.”

MyCMO features proprietary content exclusive to Advisor Group that is designed to be used across all mediums – including web, print, email, presentations, events, video, e-books, blogs, social media and greeting cards – in one seamless, intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Leveraging marketing automation, content can be distributed via any combination of these channels. MyCMO can also be used for drip campaigns, making it easier for financial professionals to deliver personalized yet scalable touchpoints in ways that inspire genuine connection, leading to greater trust, loyalty and referrals. During the first half of 2020, Advisor Group’s exclusive, customizable new client onboarding campaign on MyCMO has been used more than 3,000 times with open rates as high as 100%, while Monthly Market Insights, the platform’s top automated marketing campaign, averaged more than 250,000 recipients per month.

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The enhancements to MyCMO include:

  • A new feature called CuratorTM that uses artificial intelligence to ensure marketing content is current, engaging and relevant. Based on a financial professional’s chosen topics, Curator scours the web for articles from reputable sources such as Forbes, CNN, MarketWatch and Bloomberg, suggests new content and based on the selections, continually learns about the professional’s preferences. Additional content includes presentations, e-books and educational materials
  • Tools to help financial professionals set up and optimize their websites, email templates and social media accounts
  • Optional automated creation of printed materials, such as greeting cards and client checklists
  • Tools to streamline the delivery of personalized video content, including the use of GIFs, attachments and links within email
  • A digital events module to automate the distribution of invitations and follow-up communications, track registrations, create custom digital assets such as event landing pages and RSVP pages and provide event plans, checklists and instructions on roles and responsibilities for hosting clients digitally or in person
  • Data-driven, consultative marketing guidance and recommendations – at no additional charge – from Advisor Group’s enhanced team of eight experienced marketing strategists
  • Detailed, real-time performance metrics to measure the success of marketing campaigns

Robert Turner, President and CEO of Capitol Financial Solutions, a Royal Alliance-affiliated independent Super-OSJ based in Raleigh, N.C., with $1.5 billion in assets under management, said, “MyCMO has been one of the greatest tools our firm has leveraged since joining Advisor Group and affiliating with Royal Alliance in 2017. It has enabled our financial professionals to set themselves apart from the pack and acquire more client relationships, while freeing up time for other important tasks. Our financial professionals love it and we’ve also had incredible success highlighting it as a value proposition in our recruiting efforts. These latest enhancements offer even more sophisticated, customizable tools that I can use to attract prospective recruits, and which my financial professionals can use to deepen existing relationships and acquire new clients. MyCMO has been a pivotal part of our growth story in recent years, and we’re excited to use its expanded capabilities in our expansion strategy going forward.”

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Jamie Price, Advisor Group CEO and President, concluded, “The investments we have made in building out MyCMO and our advisor marketing team demonstrate Advisor Group’s continued commitment to mobilizing our industry-leading scale, resources and technology to deliver a best-in-class platform that provides immediate, measurable and significant value to financial professionals. Our foremost priority is to empower our financial professionals to grow their businesses and reach their vision of professional success. The popularity and effectiveness of MyCMO underscore that focus and commitment.”

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