Adverity Launches Augmented Analytics

Adverity Launches Augmented Analytics

New tool for marketers identifies critical insights before hitting the data haystack

Adverity, a leading force in marketing data intelligence, today launched Augmented Analytics, an automated tool for marketers. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, it can access hidden insight and provide critical intelligence on data to improve marketing measurement effectiveness and maximize performance.

Providing an insight-led approach to marketing, Augmented Analytics enables marketers to stay agile in the new, rapidly accelerating marketing landscape, and empowers brands and agencies to realize the full value of their data.

It optimizes performance by uncovering the deep insights that conventional analytics approaches can miss and significantly decreases the time to discover them. This allows marketers to identify patterns and detect anomalies as they happen so opportunities are not missed, and hidden issues are revealed before becoming a problem.

The tool also automatically helps identify problems with data quality and provides suggestions on how campaign budgets should be reallocated to ensure a better return. It helps marketers to create forecasts by learning from historical data, looking at current spend, and predicting future short-term spend to help achieve optimum use of budgets. It also provides cross-channel optimization by analyzing historical spend and revenues, and recommending reallocation of budgets.

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For brands, Augmented Analytics provides much greater insights than standard analytics tools and methods, giving them a crucial competitive edge. It enables the whole team to make insightful decisions quickly, which allows them to correct the focus of campaigns, quickly grasp opportunities for greater performance, and achieve maximum returns without the risk of overspending.

For agencies, they can discover much faster, actionable insights for their clients within enormous amounts of data. Augmented Analytics provides greater granularity and depth of insights, which may have been missed previously, so they can develop more effective strategies for their clients. It also enables them to optimize budget spend, while maximizing ROI, allowing them to demonstrate a much higher level of value, helping build and maintain their reputation, and ultimately retain clients.

Alexander Igelsböck, CEO, at Adverity comments: “Rather than searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack, Augmented Analytics gathers the needles before they hit the haystack. A huge benefit of the platform is that it allows marketers to pull data from almost any channel in any format, and because of the way it works if actively mapped, can link in conversion data from many different attribution tools, which in turn can be used as part of a suggestion engine. However, where the platform holds the most value for marketers is the granularity of the data and the speed at which it performs this task.

“Beyond forecasting trends, Augmented Analytics also looks at all channels and campaigns to create predictions and budgetary recommendations. It can tell the difference between brand-focused and product-focused campaigns by using signals (such as likes, comments, and dwell times) and shows users the most valuable insights from the data. For the modern marketer this means report generation, and the associated time invested, is a thing of the past.”

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Jordan Baines, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist of Digital Matter, a digital agency based in the USA using the tool comments: “The best thing about Augmented Analytics is that it sees what you see and also the things you didn’t.”

Augmented Analytics can be integrated into existing operations and is accessible for any teams across the organization – avoiding the need for deep analytical capabilities and the specialist skills otherwise required to provide such insight, as well as the associated high costs.

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