Advangelists Releases AdCreatr™

Advangelists , AdCreatr

Advangelists announced the formal release of AdCreatr™, a rich media ad creation software and the latest component to the Advangelists ad tech operating system. The new ad management platform will integrate directly into the company’s programmatic media buying capabilities.

“We did considerable research into the demands of both in-house and agency media buyers, identifying a strong need for integrating the construction of ads directly within the Advangelists platform,” said Deep Katyal, CEO of Advangelists. “Our market survey observed that disconnected creative and media processes were the largest challenge media operations people endure, as well as the biggest hindrance to campaign production timelines and overall performance”

AdCreatr™ adds creative management of mobile and desktop advertising to the existing Advangelists platform, allowing Clients to easily build and traffic engaging personalized creative without switching platforms.  “In our experience, most ad tech routinely breaks at the point of hand-off between two disparate platforms,” continued Deep.  “Our philosophy with Advangelists has been to eliminate those seams by integrating all functions and features into a single ad tech operating system.”

The component was designed to streamline production timelines while simultaneously enabling greater creativity.  Using templates, a marketer can implement robust functionality into their ad units, increasing campaign engagement measures up to 6x.  Templated features available include engaging games, 360˚ video, photo/camera integrations, augmented reality, and others.  Mobile phone advertisers can take advantage of the phone’s haptics and other features to improve engagement.

The company identified that personalized location-based messaging improves campaign performance by over 18% on average.  Integrating Mobiquity’s POI (points of interest) database, AdCreatr™ can customize creative messages at scale to address an audience based on their proximity to a retail store, event, or branded location; serving a map or highlighting the distance to a nearby venue. Several automotive and retail clients have been testing AdCreatr™ in beta for over 3 months and have confirmed performance improvements.

“Most of my development team and I came from rich media backgrounds; AdCreatr™ has been a passion project which we knew we had to get right.  I’m proud of the result and the benefits it will bring to the creative, ad ops, and overall performance of our Client’s campaigns,” closed Deep.