AdPushup Launches Header Bidding as a Service for Digital Publishers

AdPushup , Header Biddin, Digital Publishers

AdPushup, an ad revenue optimization platform for publishers, recently released a new dashboard for publishers. As part of the overhaul, the company has announced the latest addition to its range of solutions: Header Bidding as a Service.

Managing a header bidding stack is a complex undertaking. The most common implementations happen via Google Ad Manager and Prebid.js. In Ad Manager, publishers have to carefully configure orders, line items, key-value pairs, creatives, price granularities, etc. With Prebid.js, publishers have to implement ongoing software and security updates, upgrade to newer versions, and stay on top of industry best practices, like multi-format ads, multi-size ads, and price floors, etc.

AdPushup took these challenges into consideration while developing the Header Bidding Manager—a managed-for-you solution that is built on top of proprietary machine learning optimization algorithms, Google Ad Manager APIs, GPT.js (Google Publisher Tag), and Prebid.js.

The key features of the Header Bidding Manager include:

  • Google Ad Manager automation for orders, line items, key-value pairs, and creatives, delivered through an intuitive user interface—cutting down on setup and management time
  • Connect your Google AdX account or get access to one, setup Open Bidding and on-board existing header bidding partners using the “Bring Your Own Demand” feature.
  • Simplified header bidding stack management through a central admin console, where the most popular bidders can be activated or paused at the click of a button
  • Transparent and unified reporting for all header bidding partners and Google AdX
  • Consolidated payments from all your active demand partners
  • Revenue Channel reports provide publishers in-depth insights and analytics on how server-side bidders are performing with respect to client-side bidders
  • Easily configure header bidding, Prebid.js, ad refresh, and lazy loading via the console
  • Always up-to-date with best practices and updates related to Prebid.js
  • Personalize bidder configurations based on user device types and geos, thereby maximizing revenue by improving yield on an impression-level

“Configuring a good header bidding stack requires considerable engineering resources and time spent in building demand relationships,” says Ankit Oberoi, CEO of AdPushup. “We have spent the last three years deploying header bidding on over 300 publisher websites and building relationships with top-tier demand partners like Google, Index Exchange, Criteo, Rubicon, Pubmatic, AppNexus, and others. The idea behind providing header bidding as a service was to combine our in-house technology, ad ops expertise, and hard-won demand relationships into one compelling package that publishers can just sign up and get started with.”

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