AdPushup Launches Header Bidding Analytics and the Hyper Optimizer to Refine Header Bidding Auctions

AdPushup Launches Header Bidding Analytics

AdPushup, a leading ad revenue optimization platform for publishers, has announced the launch of two key enhancements as a part of its Header Bidding Portfolio—Header Bidding Analytics and the Hyper Optimizer. While the analytics platform aims to offer detailed real-time auction data for better decision-making, the Hyper Optimizer is a tool to help publishers improve bidder relevance and bid quality.

Traditionally, header bidding auctions have been affected by inefficiencies of slowness, excess browser resource-heaviness, and low page-load speeds. The eventual outcome being negative impacts on the publisher’s revenue and experience. AdPushup’s latest features will transform auctions, and help publishers enjoy key benefits.

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The Analytics platform offers detailed bid-related information from within auctions, through metrics such as average response time, devices-wise reports, overall win-rate reports, country-wise reports, header bidding win-rate reports, bid-rate reports, average winning eCPM reports, bid landscape, average eCPM reports, and demand partner performance reports. The availability of these insights enables publishers to have data-backed knowledge of bidder performance and the overall auction progress.

Leveraging such analytical information, publishers can manage bidders and eliminate inefficiencies, with the Hyper Optimizer. The Hyper Optimizer allows publishers to create simple rules, which govern the following bidder-specific actions:

  • Selecting bidders, based on geo and devices, and segments they perform in, instead of running all bidders in all auctions.
  • Prioritizing the requests sent to bidders, to allow relatively more time for best-performing partners.
  • Changing the initial timeout, based on response time analytics of every segment.
  • Changing the refresh timeout, allowing more time for bidders to garner higher bids, when it doesn’t impact the user experience.
  • Concluding the auction, even before the defined timeouts, if top bidders have returned a bid.
  • Switching between server-to-server side bidding and client-side bidding.

Unlike several black-box solutions, the Hyper Optimizer lets publishers define easy-to-understand rules and actions, and achieve optimal operating conditions for header bidding auctions. This results in strategic benefits such as higher revenue and improved page performance.

“It was just six years ago that prebid launched, which today accounts for a greater than 80% market share and in many cases resulting in more than 50% of auction revenue being generated client-side—completely transparent. In the past few years, a lot has changed, and today we have 350+ bidders creating a problem of plenty, bloated and inefficient client-side auctions. With these two features, we aim to further optimize the auctions squeezing out more revenue client-side while ensuring better page performance,” says Ankit Oberoi, CEO & Co-Founder, AdPushup.