Adobe Unveils its Commerce Cloud

Adobe, Commerce Cloud

Adobe announced the launch of its Commerce Cloud, which is a part of the company’s marketing tech product-Experience Cloud.

The Commerce Cloud builds on Adobe’s $1.68 billion acquisition of Magento. The Adobe Commerce Cloud is an official cloud-based version of the Magento platform which is integrating with Adobe’s tools, including its Analytics Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Advertising Cloud.

Adobe is extending the platform by including features like dashboards and integration with the Amazon marketplace. With this, users will now be able to manage their business within the Commerce Cloud interface directly.

“For Adobe, that’s important because it closes the last mile in its Experience offering,” said Jason Woosley, Adobe’s VP of its commercial product and platform and Magento’s former VP of product and technology.

“The new product isn’t about closing the last mile for Adobe from a commerce perspective but also from a data intelligence perspective, “Woosley added. “Commerce Cloud users can pick and choose which parts of their inventory will appear on Amazon and at what prices” he concluded. Brands want to showcase their products on Amazon to create brand awareness and drive customers back to their own e-commerce stores.