Admitad acquires Tapfiliate, the Netherlands-based affiliate marketing SaaS-platform

Admitad acquires Tapfiliate_ the Netherlands-based affiliate marketing SaaS-platform

Late January, Admitad acquired Tapfiliate, the Dutch subscription-based Saas-platform where advertisers can manage their affiliate programs on their own. The details of the deal are not disclosed, however it was announced that Tapfiliate will keep its brand and management.

Admitad CEO & Founder Alexander Bachmann, said, “By buying Tapfiliate, Admitad aims to increase its micro B2B penetration, as well as acquire another 1500 active clients for our core business, the Affiliate Network. What is more, thanks to such collaborations the entrance to affiliate marketing gets more available and open. We are glad to welcome Thomas and his team to Admitad and look forward to our fruitful cooperation.”

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Tapfiliate was founded in 2014 as a SaaS-platform where brands could develop their affiliate campaigns on their own accord — choose their publishers, verify orders and make payments. This model has proved to be efficient and allowed the company to keep growing even under the COVID crisis, increasing its number of active customers by 33% in 2020. The company is HQ’d in Amsterdam, and relies heavily on the american market — almost half of the company’s clients come from the US.

Tapfiliate CEO Thomas van der Kleij said, “I believe this acquisition is going to be great both for Tapfiliate users and Admitad. By accessing new publishers we will be able to increase clients’ lifetime value,in addition to Admitad tracking opening new doors to the Enterprises and giving us an upper hand in the US market and other countries of Admitad presence. We also count on Admitad’s marketing resources becoming a powerful boost for Tapfiliate.”