AdGrid.IO and Infinity Partnerships Introduce Voice Marketplace

Voice Marketplace

The Voices™ Marketplace has recently launched to solve the problem of scale in multicultural digital advertising. By empowering diverse content creators with best in class technology for content management and monetization services, the Voices™ Marketplace empowers diverse publishers with a solution where brands can access immersive rich media units at scale on BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and LATINX publishers.

The technology is not only a good solution for diverse publishers but general market publishers as well,  because the Voices™ unit does not run on endemic sites only but across the web for scale. The Voices™ ad unit,  available in the Voices™ marketplace, can target the right content to the right audience through their unique data set and find the BIPOC audience, Hispanic audience and LGBTQIA+ audience across the web at scale.

The Voices™ Marketplace is a joint venture between Infinity Partnerships, the most inclusive ad tech consultancy and AdGrid. IO, the most complete advertising technology solution for content syndication, Rich Media, and monetization.

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To date, Infinity Partnerships and have partnered with EBONY to power the EBONY Alliance and Mundo Now to power the Mundo Now Project , both of which empower diverse content creators. We are excited to be able to extend the marketplace’s tools to uplift even more diverse content creators and provide much needed reach and scale for brands.

“Working with Infinity Partners we found the right formula of reaching diverse audiences with brand safe content at the right time and most importantly with scale which is why I am excited. Advertisers want to help diverse publishers but are also looking for performative campaigns – with the Voices™ marketplace we are delivering this.” Michael Bendell, Co-Founder, AdGrid.IO

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