AdFluence Mobile App Acquired By Alpha Marketing Masters

AdFluence Mobile App Acquired By Alpha Marketing Masters

Marketing agency Alpha Marketing Masters has acquired the innovative mobile app platform AdFluence in a deal rumored to be worth seven figures — with its founder Johnny Vieria of TribeFluence Inc. in Los Angeles, California.

The app connects social media influencers with brands to facilitate quality, content-based, influencer marketing faster and easier than ever before. The joint venture deal with Alpha Marketing Masters will allow brands to create an ad and submit it to one or more influencers from the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook platforms. Once an influencer accepts the ad, they can share the ad on their social media accounts and in turn get paid for it.

With AdFluence, brands can reach their desired audiences quickly using their own content for maximum control.

The app also benefits influencers of any level, since they can easily generate income by leveraging their hard-earned followers.

Mr. Vieira’s company previously launched a similar app in 2018 called TribeFluence, which was the inspiration and model for AdFluence.

Tribefluence Inc. and Alpha Marketing Masters collaborated to tailor AdFluence for the agencies’ largest client, Banyan Hill, by including specific brand categories such as personal finance and conservative politics.

Mr. Vieira will continue to keep a stake in the company based on the deal’s stipulations and also serves in an advisory capacity both during the acquisition and beyond. Vieira’s past and current experiences —managing and producing projects and creating brands in the music industry — give him leadership and operational knowledge that can be applied to managing the AdFluence platform alongside the Alpha Markets Masters and Banyan Hill teams.