AdCombo Enhances Digital Campaigns’ Performance with Google’s GA4

AdCombo has transitioned to a new version of Google Analytics and now sees improved digital campaign performance through more detailed analytics and optimization. In three months of using the new tool, conversions have doubled.

“It became possible due to the ability to set custom parameters and key performance indicators. GA4 uses a system of events and parameters, unlike the old version, which allowed us to better analyze user behavior on key sites of AdCombo’s campaigns,” reports Victoria K, a PR-manager at AdCombo.

AdCombo encourages affiliates to switch to GA4, as the tool helps tailor tracking systems to meet individual needs while providing the option to readjust settings as needs change.

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“When affiliates analyze what works best on a landing page and what doesn’t, running tests and optimizing landing pages becomes more effective and gives higher conversions,” said Victoria.

Moreover, GA4 predicts future consumer actions using advanced machine learning. This enables affiliates to better adapt landing pages to audiences, saving time and avoiding financial losses.

AdCombo is a CPA network with in-house offers, 9 years of expertise and 120,000+ affiliates who enjoy the best conditions in the niche and modern tech solutions in the affiliate marketing.

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