Tapad, a global leader in digital identity resolution, has partnered with AcuityAds, a technology leader that provides targeted digital media solutions for advertisers to connect intelligently with audiences. The partnership will enhance AcuityAds’ existing cross-device solution, especially with respect to its cross-channel Connected TV offering.

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Tapad’s global, privacy-safe digital cross-device solution, The Tapad Graph, will compliment AcuityAds’ own cross-device data set for enhanced marketing capabilities across their Demand Side Platform (DSP). For AcuityAds, this provides customers with unduplicated reach across desktop, tablet, mobile, and CTV devices – while augmenting their video offering.

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Tom Woods, Vice President of Products at AcuityAds commented, “With increasing marketing complexities, consumer device usage, and new data regulations, our decision regarding the partnership was an important one. The Tapad Graph’s privacy-safe identifiers for consumer notice and choice, as well as the ability to opt-out at any point, were critical factors in our decision who to partner with.”