ActiveCampaign Expands Payments Functionality Via Direct Integrations With Leading Payment Processors, Stripe and PayPal

ActiveCampaign Expands Payments Functionality Via Direct Integrations With Leading Payment Processors_ Stripe and PayPal

ActiveCampaign customers can now create personalized communications across all channels using real-time payment events without manual processes or coding

ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), announced today the launch of native integrations with payment processing leaders Stripe and PayPal. These new integrations add to ActiveCampaign’s ever-expanding App Ecosystem with over 300+ apps and integrations, empowering customers in the ecommerce, retail and technology verticals to create more meaningful customer experiences by making their payment processing more powerful and personalized.

Businesses can now seamlessly connect their Stripe or PayPal accounts to ActiveCampaign through native integrations, and use payer data to orchestrate unique customer experiences based on real-time billing events and transactions. Customers can now trigger automations when an order is created, when a payment fails, or when a charge is successful or failed — or set automated and personalized follow ups to engage customer post-purchase. Other companies offering payment platform integrations require manual processes and coding with webhooks and API keys. ActiveCampaign allows companies of all sizes to use payment events in automations through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

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Oleg Maslovskiy, founder of CG Academy, a Prague-based company focused on teaching CGI education courses and workshops for architecture students and designers, uses Stripe to manage the processing and billing of his courses. “I can now more seamlessly follow up with students post-registration, since all my contact and payments data are in one place. The ActiveCampaign integration with Stripe enables me to capture and act on payment events instantly from one, single platform.”

With over 70% of ActiveCampaign customers using integrations from the App Ecosystem, the Stripe and PayPal integrations further enable customers to customize tech stacks that make the most sense for their business. “Our App Ecosystem empowers businesses to make use of data from all their preferred applications as they engage with their customers. Because they can house all this data within the ActiveCampaign platform, they gain a centralized view of each customer, making the creation of personalized customer experiences turnkey and efficient,” says Shay Howe, VP of Platform Strategy.

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