ActiveCampaign adds new Access pillar to Customer Success Commitment

ActiveCampaign adds new Access pillar to Customer Success Commitment

ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), is once-again expanding its commitment to customer success by introducing the new Access pillar to its industry-leading Customer Success Commitment. This addition demonstrates the deep level of care that the company has for its customers to grow their businesses using a platform that delivers best-in-class value, service, trust — and now, more access.

The ActiveCampaign Access pillar promises to give customers as much access as possible across all areas of the business, ranging from customer success teams and cross-channel services, to advanced platform features and content in multiple languages.

This also extends to access for global customers with plans to establish data centers in Europe, coming within the first half of 2022, and plans to expand localized data residency in the Asia-Pacific region. Furthermore, ActiveCampaign is working towards ISO 27001 certification, the leading international standard on how to manage and process data and safeguard privacy. Those interested can sign-up for early access.

Within this pillar, ActiveCampaign is also introducing the industry’s first anti-“no-reply” policy. ActiveCampaign is promising that every communication it sends will come from a monitored inbox, social account, or phone call, to ensure every piece of feedback and question will be received and read by an ActiveCampaign employee.

While this may sound like a standard offering, no other company in the industry is doing this today. By taking this step, ActiveCampaign is committed to eliminating frustration and wasted time for businesses.

With over 150,000 customers worldwide, the ActiveCampaign team is able to make human touch possible at scale by using its own platform. ActiveCampaign is committed to a shared experience with its customers. By leveraging the power of CXA, both ActiveCampaign and its customers alike will continue to grow together.

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Additional benefits of the Access pillar include:

  • Being inclusive to businesses around the world: ActiveCampaign has customers in over 170 countries and is committed to being accessible in each of them through a platform, content, support, and training in multiple languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
    • Delivering on CXA in every channel: No one likes to feel they’re talking to a void. That’s why ActiveCampaign representatives are reachable to all customers, no matter their tier size, via email, chat and social – at no additional cost.
  • A platform developed based on customer feedback: ActiveCampaign constantly improves its platform to give customers the best tools available to grow their business, and relies on customer feedback to help drive those changes. That’s why ActiveCampaign’s engineering and developer teams make themselves accessible through the Ideas Board, and shares those ideas with customers through product updates page, bi-monthly emails, social, 1:1 personalized tips for each customer via the ActiveCampaign platform and a monthly webinar.
    • Customers can see ideas delivered as part of #CustomerLoveAC. This program includes keeping customers informed of updates in whatever way they most prefer, including ActiveCampaign’s product updates page, a monthly webinar, and frequent communications, both in the application and via social and email channels.
  • Flexible solutions for companies of every size: All businesses should have what they need to create amazing customer experiences. With ActiveCampaign, every customer has access to the industry’s most actionable Unified Data Model, which makes customer data across their tech stack accessible and actionable – allowing for tools and services otherwise only available to enterprises. This is made possible by a platform with a record of delivering self-guided enhancements, free training, over 600 automation recipes, and 870+ integrations, which over 70% of customers leverage.

ActiveCampaign introduced the industry’s first Customer Success Commitment in January 2020 to honor its promise to its customers. It began as a three-pillar commitment across service, trust and value, guaranteeing that the company would deliver an incredible experience to its customers and help them grow their own businesses by using its customer experience automation platform.

The company’s tremendous growth over the past 18 months proves that customers see value in this commitment. Since introducing the Customer Success Commitment, ActiveCampaign has gained over 60,000 customers, introduced over 500 partners, and nearly doubled its headcount. Further, customers have reviewed the platform over 8,000 times on G2, where it is also a leader in all 14 categories in its industry.

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