Aceyus Partners with Fivetran to Streamline Contact Center Operations Using Enhanced Data Integration

Aceyus Partners with Fivetran to Streamline Contact Center Operations Using Enhanced Data Integration-01

Aceyus Inc., a leading provider of customer experience solutions specializing in enterprise-level data management and reporting, is proud to announce its partnership with Fivetran to power the Aceyus VUE Platform. The Powered by Fivetran model readily enables Aceyus to bring together multiple data sources to create a complete picture of its customers’ contact center data and easily adds new integrations to meet customers’ unique needs with the click of a button.

“We combine comparative metrics from different types of contact centers. We may mix data from Avaya, Cisco, Amazon Interface, Twilio and Five9, for occurrence. No matter what technology platform the client has at each ‘center’ or touchpoint, we are able to provide a full view of call volume, average hold time, and more across all platforms,” said Tim Eyre, chief marketing officer, Aceyus.

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The new integrations are intended to provide a single, end-to-end view of corporate metrics for its customers interested in combining traditional contact center data with other data sources like Google Analytics. Rather than utilizing internal resources to build new pipelines, Aceyus now uses data pipelines from Fivetran to onboard customer data.

“Overall, it didn’t make sense for us to spend engineering resources building some of these connections in-house when Fivetran already does it so well. We view Fivetran as an easy-to-use extension of my product team,” shared Ben Vesta, chief technology officer, Aceyus.

With the aggregated data delivered to the warehouse by Fivetran, Aceyus manages it and provides holistic insights back to its customers. Additionally, Aceyus highlights Fivetran capabilities that include:

  • Easy to modify connections as needed
  • Straightforward process for requesting new connectors
  • Instructions on how to set up new connectors
  • 14 days of free use for any additional new connectors

“We are looking forward to continued work with Fivetran in our future endeavors. These newly added capabilities and functions enable Aceyus to focus on building the dashboards and the projects that truly add value for our customers,” said Vesta.