Aceyus Completes Redesign, Rebrand with Launch of New Website

Aceyus Completes Redesign New Website

Rebranding initiative represents technology to transform contact centers to omni-channel innovation centers

Aceyus Inc., a leading provider of customer experience solutions specializing in enterprise-level data management and reporting, today announced the company’s rebranding and launch of its new website. The refreshed Aceyus brand reflects the evolution of the organization, its products and visual identity as an industry leader with the most innovative contact center solutions available.

The Aceyus platform has been repositioned as a broader, integrated approach to unify complex reporting while producing easy to consume dashboards that can be customized at all levels. Aceyus’ end-to-end solution (fast and easy-to-use) captures and analyzes Contact Center, Workforce Management, and QA System data to understand more of the customer experience. Additional solutions include analyzing revenue, web and chat data, heat mapping, custom metrics, and more to truly understand and improve the customer journey – something standalone core products are unable to accomplish.

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“We know contact center data inside and out, and how to use it to best meet business objectives,” said Mike Ary, president at Aceyus. “The Aceyus rebrand exemplifies this adaptability and the solutions that deliver real-time actionable reporting to help our customers’ teams do their job better at every level.”

Speaking of the company’s revamped website, company CMO Tim Eyre stated, “we’ve taken a clean, modern approach to the website’s design and user experience. We purposefully set out to challenge the status quo in all aspects of our business. This redesign reflects that, while enabling us to better showcase our new products and solutions, including our first cloud-based offering.”

The rebrand also includes an updated logo along with new graphic communications and business collateral, all of which represent Aceyus’ mission to be the premier leader in customer relationship analytics by providing innovative products and superior services. A complete introduction to the new Aceyus brand can be found in the company’s latest blog.

“We’re excited to introduce the new Aceyus brand and website during these uncertain times, as we believe a reimaged contact center experience is more important now than ever,” added Ary. “The age-old story of contact centers being cost centers is in the past. We believe contact centers to be innovation centers powered by omni-channel data to truly understand the customer journey in ways never before dreamed.”

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