AC Business Media Announces Launch of Highly Targeted Lead Generation Platform for the OEM Ecosystem

AC Business Media Announces Launch of Highly Targeted Lead Generation Platform for the OEM Ecosystem-01

AC Business Media (ACBM) is proud to announce the launch of OEM ENTENT, a suite of demand generation and permission-based marketing products that provide industry suppliers the unmatched ability to drive and measure engagement through its simple-to-use sales funnel and customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Modeled after ACBM’s proven ENTENT program for the construction industry, OEM ENTENT provides highly targeted lead generation services to help OEM component, service, and technology providers grow their customer base by targeting engineers and product development teams at mobile on- and off-road equipment manufacturers.

“Marketers are consistently scrambling to drive qualified prospects through a buyer’s journey,” said Ron Spink, CEO, AC Business Media. “Specialty manufacturers focused on engineering integration and product development, like many others, have dramatically shifted efforts towards utilizing the power of content marketing as a catalyst to initiate leads, as well as measure and nurture sales conversations.

“Doing this with consistency and expertise is a true ‘blue sky’ opportunity for marketers in our space. To that end, we are incredibly excited to launch OEM ENTENT — the most powerful suite of demand generation and permission marketing services to reach the equipment manufacturer, engineering, and product development ecosystem.”

The OEM ENTENT program consists of five highly targeted marketing services that leverage ACBM’s powerful first party data, multi-channel distribution, and sophisticated funnels to guide ready-to-buy customers through an engaging path to purchase within a proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Designed to fuel a buyer’s journey, OEM ENTENT delivers three times as many leads as traditional marketing efforts — costing 62 percent less on average.

“Finding effective replacements for face-to-face events has only heightened the need for marketers to engage around information-driven, content-based conversations between OEM component, service, and technology suppliers and their ideal prospects,” said Sean Dunphy, Brand Director of the Construction Network, AC Business Media. “OEM ENTENT lead generation services offer a suite of five demand-driving tools for our clients: from turnkey opportunities at all volume levels, to OEM ENTENT Engage – the first of its kind, subscription-based product that drives a mixture of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and BANT (Budget, Authority, Needs, Timeline) sales-qualified opportunities into our clients’ sales funnels.

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“The OEM ENTENT suite of lead generation products gives marketers an unmatched ability to drive and measure a conversation through their buyer’s journeys.”

Coupled with the launch of the ENTENT platforms, ACBM is pleased to announce the hire of Jim Bagan as Director of Demand Generation and Education Services. Having previously served as a Senior Director with Spiceworks/Ziff Davis, as well as Director of Education Solutions with Hanley Wood, Bagan comes with a unique skillset around assisting clients in using digital and educational content marketing to drive a funnel-based conversation for marketers.

“Demand generation and permission-based marketing provides the most efficient, high return, and targeted way to find buyers at various points of their journey,” said Jim Bagan, Director of Demand Generation, AC Business Media. “A major shift to independent research and discovery has occurred buyers’ side and is only increasing.”

In his role with ACBM, Jim will strategically work with marketers in the space as they drive community conversations, build predictive intent data, and create sales intelligence through content based, lead generating conversations.

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