A study recently released by TOPO says that Account-based marketing (ABM) improves metrics on all fronts, but will now require a new set of tactics.

The study polled 150 ABM practitioners of which 80% said ABM improves customer lifetime value, 86% say it lifts win rates, and 76% say it delivers higher ROI than a standard go-to-market approach.

But none of these materialise if the strategists do not adhere to the best practices. Companies need to pursue only a part of their target accounts at any point in time, so efforts are prioritised. A stronger Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is a basic need, and from the polls, companies that had a strong ICP, produced 68% higher win rates.

In addition, the successful users understand that ABM requires a coordinated approach across both sales and marketing functions. The standard is, says the study, ABM produces one new sales opportunity for every five accounts targeted. Since the ABM arrangement is designed to help brands integrate visually engaging experiences on their website into their email campaigns, creative communications also play a strong role.