iThemes, a Premium provider of WordPress SaaS and Plugins for managing WordPress sites, announced that it has acquired Restrict Content Pro, a leader in membership management.   The purchase will better serve the needs of WordPress customers looking to expand into membership and course offerings for their sites.

Founded by Pippin Williamson, Restrict Content Pro was designed to provide a complete membership management system that gives site administrators a clean, simple way to restrict content to paid subscribers and collect payments from paying customers.

“Adding Restrict Content Pro to the iThemes product lineup is a natural fit for our product lines,” said Matt Danner, General Manager of iThemes. “We have seen an increase in demand, especially now during COVID-19, where customers are looking for creative ways to generate additional revenue for their business. Our goal is to give customers the best and complete membership platform in WordPress,” said Danner.

“We are excited about the acquisition,” said Pippin Williamson, Restrict Content Pro Founder. “iThemes is a premium provider and highly-regarded in the industry.   We are confident they will carry Restrict Content Pro forward in amazing ways.  We are truly excited to watch them push the product to new heights and do so much more with it,” said Williamson. 

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Existing customers of Restrict Content Pro will not experience any service interruptions with the acquisition. iThemes has strategic plans to develop new features and improvements to Restrict Content Pro.

For a limited time, iThemes is allowing customers to take advantage of Restrict Content Pro along with iThemes Plugin Suite and Toolkit. The Plugin Suite includes Backup Buddy, iThemes Security Pro, Landing Pages, Content Upgrades, and additional perks.