70% of Marketers are making vital decisions alone, new report finds

70% of Marketers are making vital decisions alone, new report finds

The world of marketing is undergoing a significant shift, leaving seven in ten marketers to navigate crucial decisions in isolation, reveals a groundbreaking report by Nielsen for HubSpot and LinkedIn.  

Titled “Defining the Future of Marketing in EMEA,” the report delves into the perspectives of over 700 senior professionals in the UK and Ireland. Its findings expose a concerning consensus among industry leaders: the once dynamic and collaborative nature of marketing has faded, giving way to a solitary decision-making process that hinders growth and innovation. 

The study identifies the great reshuffle as a key catalyst for these changes, with job transitions causing prolonged sales cycles and lower win rates. In the past year, as marketers have faced mounting pressure to perform, the lack of resources and time constraints have made it challenging to build a full-funnel marketing strategy –which is the need of the hour for brands to stay top of mind. 

The report further highlights that nearly 90% of sales and marketing leaders acknowledge that collaboration between these teams is vital for driving critical business growth. Surprisingly, however, three in five marketing decision makers currently rely solely on consumer-based software vendors, while one in five lean on advertising, sales, or finance departments. 

Julie Lock, UK and Ireland Marketing Director at HubSpot, said: “We’ll see rapid growth in the use of artificial intelligence in the next few years, so there has never been a more crucial time for marketers to make informed decisions and be connected to the rest of the business. 

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“Marketing leadership needs to garner a much deeper understanding of what’s working, what’s not, and what to expect in the next few years. Being plugged in across the organisation will help them understand the industry trends and how they affect key strategic decisions.” 

Bruna Gil, Senior Manager Channel Sales at LinkedIn said “At LinkedIn, we’re privileged to witness the amazing transformation happening in EMEA’s marketing landscape. With valuable insights from this report and comprehensive data, we understand the challenges, opportunities, and differences that thriving companies in the region face. By leveraging these insights and our partnership with Hubspot, brands can make informed decisions, build meaningful connections, and ride the wave of emerging trends to thrive in the ever-evolving digital era.” 

“This custom research study sheds light on the challenges facing marketers today and, thanks to the insights of HubSpot and LinkedIn, helps to provide guidance on how to navigate these trends and issues. Working closely with both companies meant that we were able to really curate the study to ensure that all parties got the insight and data needed to enable them to come up with the most thorough findings possible. We look forward to collaborating on many more projects like this in the future.” said Kuldip Khella, EMEA Digital Business Partner at Nielsen.

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