605 Forms New Data Partnerships to Expand Leading Analytics and Attribution Capabilities, Improving Accuracy and Speed of Campaign Measurement

605 Forms New Data Partnerships to Expand Leading Analytics and Attribution Capabilities_ Improving Accuracy and Speed of Campaign Measurement

Shopper Intelligence, Geo-Location and Automobile Data to Enable Deeper Insights on Consumer Behavior and Purchasing Decisions, Strengthening 605’s Platforms

605, a leading television measurement and analytics company, today announced new data partnerships with Catalina, PlaceIQ and Polk Automotive Solutions by IHS Markit, all the respective market leaders in shopper intelligence, geo-location and automotive information. The new relationships bring together ad exposure and content viewership with consumer behavior and business outcomes on a massive, unprecedented scale through 605’s TV measurement and attribution platforms: IMP4CT and PLATF0RM.

These data partnerships will further enable marketers, advertisers and programmers to access insights regarding the consumer journey by learning about, connecting with and measuring the true ROI of their ad spend. When this partner data is combined with 605’s unique viewership data on an aggregated and deidentified basis—across a market-leading footprint of 21 million households covering 210 U.S. markets—these partnerships will enable access to deeper insights about strategic target audiences and allow marketers, advertisers and programmers to measure the true ROI of advertising campaigns across linear television, streaming and on demand. 605’s use of data ensures that personal information is not used or shared among the partners and is fully compliant with privacy standards.

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“605 is committed to providing marketers, advertisers and programmers with the most complete aggregated, deidentified audience data with the best analytic tools for insights, measurement and attribution of TV and cross-screen campaigns. Our ability to deterministically match audience data with TV viewership on a census-level scale, partnered with the capabilities of fellow industry leaders in the data and analytics space, helps facilitate improved outcomes,” said Kristin Dolan, 605’s Founder and CEO. “Catalina, PlaceIQ and IHS Markit are outstanding partners who share our demonstrated commitment to faster and deeper insights, more effective outcomes and a more sophisticated approach to measurement and attribution.”

This announcement marks another milestone for 605 as the company executes its vision to help marketers, agencies and programmers understand how key audiences are watching TV across Linear, Time-Shifted and Digital content. 605 provides high-fidelity insights with unprecedented speed and granularity, looking at advanced audiences across the TV landscape, including long-tail networks, which enables clients to find audiences more effectively and drive results more efficiently.

“As a big believer in the importance of closed loop measurement for brands and retailers, Catalina is proud to partner with 605 as a like-minded company focused on identifying and delivering the most impactful audiences – and measurable results,” said Brian Dunphy, SVP, Channel Sales, Strategic Partnerships & Business Development. “605 has been advancing the TV industry’s standard of measurement, and we are thrilled to contribute Catalina shopper intelligence data and insights to this effort.”

“Being trusted as the location data provider to 605’s audience targeting and measurement dataset is a testament not only to our shared data standards but our united strategic focus of finding innovative ways to deliver value to our clients,” said Brian Bradtke, Vice President of Partner Development at PlaceIQ. “We are happy to join 605 and other esteemed leaders at the forefront of the shift toward newer, more granular, viewership and measurement solutions.”

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Polk Automotive Solutions by IHS Markit enables 605 to integrate industry leading audience, measurement and insight built on the industry’s most comprehensive U.S. vehicle information, ensuring coverage of the entire car-buying lifecycle. The interaction of Polk Automotive Solutions will help ensure a frictionless experience for programmers and networks of all sizes to drive results with more efficiency than ever before.

605 clients will now have access to data provided by Catalina, PlaceIQ and Polk Automotive Solutions through 605’s PLATF0RM and IMP4CT products, leading platforms for audience discovery, insights and attribution.

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