3radical and Experiom Partner to Fill Gaps in Data Capture Strategies for Brands

3radical and Experiom

3radical, developer of the Voco audience engagement platform, today announced a new partnership agreement with Experiom, a marketing technology integrator with a history of providing development solutions for brands and agencies.

Experiom partnered with 3radical to bridge the gap between the shifting consumer-driven marketing landscape and the fundamental need for a consented data capture infrastructure for their clients. With the 3radical Voco platform, Experiom will be able to implement interactive experiences that best engage consumers, and the brands that serve them, through transparent, mutually-beneficial value exchanges that “earn” consumers’ data. Together, Experiom integration services and 3radical engagement technology will:

  • Provide data architecture modifications, technology, and integration for ethical consumer data collection and consented data utilization strategies, designed specifically to extend the life of existing MarTech investments
  • Assist in the delivery and analysis of the unique data generated through 3radical’s Voco data capture mechanics
  • Leverage insights to inform customer lifetime value, relationship development, loyalty, and segments for targeted customer acquisition campaigns

“As the world changes to better accommodate consumer preferences and intent, 3radical’s progressive engagement technology will help our clients’ communicate more relevantly by enabling the “earning of data” through progressive, consented experiences,” said Tony Cox, Managing Partner at Experiom. “We are confident in the engagement delivered through 3radical’s Voco platform and, therefore, have developed integration templates for the Adobe Experience Platform, as well as other leading marketing technologies. We see tremendous potential in providing brands services to significantly expand the value of their current MarTech investments or replace legacy data sources.”

David Eldridge, CEO at 3radical, added: “3radical and Experiom share a common philosophy around the ethical capture, collection, and utilization of earned consumer data through advanced and transparent engagement strategies. We are excited to combine our respective technology and integration services to serve brands as they evolve their data strategies to meet the critical demands of developing consumers-driven engagement experiences.”