3PL Central Acquires Scout Software, Adding Private WMS to Its Fulfillment Suite

3PL Central Acquires Scout Software_ Adding Private WMS to Its Fulfillment Suite

3PL Central, a leader in cloud-based Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) built to meet the unique needs of third-party logistics (3PL) warehouses has acquired Scout Software, a leading inventory and warehouse management system built for brands and retailers growing their ecommerce fulfillment capabilities.

This follows 3PL Central’s recent acquisition of Skubana. Combining the Scout and Skubana acquisitions, 3PL Central solidifies its leadership of the cloud warehouse management category by offering industry-leading solutions for both third-party logistics and private company-operated warehouses.

With 99% of consumers saying that “fast delivery” is important,  merchants are recognizing that building an effective omnichannel fulfillment strategy is critical to meeting consumer expectations. The simplistic strategies of the past, where fulfillment was either done in-house or fully outsourced to 3PLs, are being replaced by dynamic, distributed, hybrid networks that locate inventory close to consumers and intelligently route orders to reduce fulfillment costs and accelerate delivery.

By adding Scout to the company’s product portfolio, 3PL Central is now able to offer 3PLs, brands and retailers the right fulfillment software for their needs, whether just getting started or scaling to hundreds of thousands of packages a day.

3PL Warehouse Manager, built specifically for the needs of third-party logistics warehouses, allows them to build customer-specific workflows and offers robust billing capabilities. 3PL Warehouse Manager powers more than 1,000 customers offering ecommerce, omnichannel, and B2B fulfillment and operates in more than 1,500 warehouses, allowing merchants to outsource some or all of their fulfillment.

Companies performing fulfillment in-house can use Scout’s WMS. Finally, Skubana’s intelligent order orchestration lets brands configure both systems to work in harmony, seamlessly routing orders to either in-house or outsourced warehouses, based upon sophisticated business rules.

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“Throughout the lifecycle of an ecommerce merchant, their fulfillment strategies become increasingly sophisticated. Virtually every brand starts out fulfilling orders from their own warehouse,” said Andy Lloyd, chief executive officer of 3PL Central.

“Too often, as brands look to offer faster and cheaper fulfillment, they are forced to rip out old systems and migrate to entirely new software. By unifying Scout WMS and 3PL Warehouse Manager with Skubana’s advanced order routing, we will offer the first cloud-based software to help companies to grow through their entire lifecycle with a single vendor. Even better, our current 3PL customers will gain additional customers of their own by offering their services to brands that are looking for a distributed fulfillment capacity,” Lloyd continued.

“Scout’s robust inventory and order management capabilities have helped hundreds of growing ecommerce brands better manage their fulfillment operations,” said Eric Luoma, CEO and founder of Scout. “As a longtime partner to Skubana, dozens of our common customers use the power of the Scout WMS for their in-house operations and leverage Skubana’s sophisticated order orchestration to unify their sales channels and offer faster, cheaper delivery by supplementing their internal team’s efforts with geographically dispersed 3PLs and drop shipping.

Combine that functional fit with the ability to scale our business faster through a dramatically increased investment in sales and marketing and joining forces with 3PL Central makes strategic sense for both our customers and our team.”

“From the start, I’ve been really happy with both Scout and Skubana, as well as the integration between the systems,” said Mark Hoder, president of Rugby Imports LTD. “They’ve both helped Rugby Imports grow, then survive, and now rebound as a leading supplier of Rugby apparel, gear, and teamwear in North America.

When you combine Scout with 3PL Central’s deep expertise in warehouse management software, there is incredible synergy of functionality and expertise. I’m extremely excited to see how and where 3PL Central will take the combined company.”

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