3CLogic Announces New Cloud Call Center Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365


3CLogic, a leading provider of cloud contact center solutions, today announced its latest release for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The announcement comes on the heels of its recent integration with Microsoft Teams, as the company continues to broaden its offering for the customer relationship management platform.

As enterprises look to digital channels and self-service to drive more efficient customer outcomes, recent global events, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, have revealed how voice remains a key part of the customer service and sales value chain. Per a recent CCW June Market Study, 65% of companies admit very few (if any) interactions are resolved without live agent assistance.

“Disconnected systems, cumbersome desktop user interfaces, and too many competing applications remain among the top challenges for agents and enterprises today,” explains Denis Seynhaeve, CEO at 3CLogic. “The seamless integration of voice as a complement to Microsoft Dynamic’s existing digital channels and workflows is the key to providing superior customer experiences. We pioneered the approach with ServiceNow and look forward to solving the same hurdles for Dynamics users as part of their digital transformation efforts.”

The new 3CLogic offering is designed to empower enterprise organizations to easily manage customer or sales engagements, while extending their investment in Microsoft Dynamics CRM – all from one unified agent and administrative platform.

“We designed our solution to fit as a blade within the existing Microsoft Dynamics suite so that call center features and functions are natively available from a single management workspace for both managers and agents alike. No more toggling between screens, relying on external technical resources to manage the customer journey, or disparate data scattered across platforms,” states Denis. “Its simply a better all around approach that allows end-users to continue to leverage the best of Microsoft Dynamics 365 while integrating advanced speech-enabled and call center functionality for a complete omnichannel solution.”

Extending its existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering, the latest solution will include:

  • Microsoft embedded CTI/Softphone and Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Automated Microsoft screen-pop for accounts, contacts, opportunities, or leads to optimize agent performance.
  • Natively integrated Administrative Call Center Portal to seamlessly manage IVR Call flows, agents, phone numbers, and queues without the need for technical resources.
  • Intelligent and skills-based routing of calls using Microsoft 365 data and objects to drive dynamic customer experiences and workflows.
  • Integrated Click-to-Call or automated dialing of Microsoft leads or contacts to improve connection rates.
  • Fully integrated real-time and historical reporting, including Speech and IVR Analytics.

3CLogic is a certified application on Microsoft’s AppSource® with active enterprise deployments across four continents. The new release will be available to the general public late Summer 2020.