209 group Launches Virtual Production Services Team

209 group Launches Virtual Production Services Team-01

209 group today announced the launch of its Virtual Production Services Team, a dedicated on-set staff for running virtual production and motion tracking deployments wherever projects require. The new services complement the company’s customizable hardware and software offerings, providing customers with access to high quality end-to-end, virtual production and motion tracking services across feature film, episodic television, advertising, corporate branding, and more. 209 group CTO Greg LaSalle will lead the team, drawing from decades of motion capture and virtual production experience on high profile feature films, including the development of Technical Achievement Academy Award®-winning performance capture technology.

“Virtual production technology has progressed to the point where it’s almost impossible to distinguish an LED background from an actual shoot location or green screen composite when done well. It enables more fluid on-set collaboration, increases production efficiency, and has been essential to creating interesting content safely in the past year,” said 209 group CEO and President Tom Armbruster. “By growing our team with such incredibly talented on-set specialists, we can better serve our customers by not only outfitting them with the necessary solutions but also helping provide the support to successfully execute virtual productions, and in the way they prefer to work.”

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Cutting edge virtual productions are conducted in a volume surrounded by LED panels and equipped with motion tracking cameras that stream positional data to rendering software. As the main filming camera moves within the volume, the visuals on the LED background adjust dynamically providing real-time “in camera” visuals without a lengthy post production process. This allows for content to be created and reach audiences more quickly; however, establishing a virtual production pipeline today is complex. 209 group provides virtual production pipelines by architecting proven solutions tailored for each project, including securing a volume or setting up in a customer’s space of choice.

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