180byTwo, the leading B2B Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) company, today announced eCHO Predictive B2B Intent for Marketo Engage, a new integration available through LaunchPoint by Marketo, an Adobe company, that helps account-based marketers identify, understand, and engage B2B customers more intimately. eCHO™ Predictive B2B Intent Data for Marketo Engage enables marketers to leverage predictive B2B intent data to drive improved marketing and sales insights, better customer segmentation, account-based experiences (ABX), and lead management processes.

“The best accounts to engage with are the ones that are already actively researching around your solution,” said Shai Alfandary, global head of ISVs and LaunchPoint ecosystem, Adobe. “eCho intent data from 180byTwo offers an opportunity for marketers to engage with accounts that have a high propensity to buy, ultimately delivering a more qualified pipeline to sales and increasing the speed of the sales process.”

Marketo Engage customers leveraging 180byTwo’s B2B intent data solution “eCHO™” will be able to:

●        Prioritize target accounts based on which accounts have a higher chance of purchasing.

●        Identify intent across dormant accounts to see who has re-entered an active buying cycle.

●        Create lead scoring workflows to route intended prospects to sales for outreach.

●        Optimize nurture programs to focus on accounts that are currently in buying cycles.

●        Re-engage inactive accounts by aligning their interest with related products.

●      Sync intent data with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics via Marketo Engage to show sales reps if their accounts are currently researching certain topics.

●      Hyper-personalize both inbound and account-based marketing engagement based on topics that accounts are expressing intent with.

●      Align marketing and sales to focus on the right accounts at the right time leveraging eCHO topic Velocity.

“We’re really excited to integrate with Marketo Engage as an innovate partner in the LaunchPoint partner program. By harnessing the power of eCHO B2B intent data in Marketo Engage, our mutual customers are able to leverage the power of predictive B2B intent data powered by AI to seamlessly identify accounts at the right time and location when the likelihood to close is the highest,” said Eric Shaffer, CEO of 180byTwo. “With Marketo Engage acting as the engagement and automation command center to make intent signals more actionable, marketers are able to realize the true value of Predictive B2B intent data by aligning sales and marketing teams.”