13% Open Rate Surge misleading marketer’s metrics, reveals Deployteq and DMA

13% Open Rate Surge misleading marketer’s metrics, reveals Deployteq and DMA

Deployteq, a leading self-service marketing automation provider, in partnership with the DMA and the DMA Email Council, collected direct supply-side performance data from 2022, establishing key email performance metrics on which brand campaigns can be benchmarked.

However, the inflated open rate due to the MPP has raised questions over the accuracy of open rate as a true measurement of campaign effectiveness, calling for marketers to explore new metrics to evaluate success.

Data-driven measurement has become even more important with the cost-of-living crisis limiting consumer spending power, making it harder for marketers to drive a direct response.

Pauline Buil, Marketing Director for Deployteq, said: “The current landscape of email marketing presents an intriguing mix of successes and challenges. Marketers must recognise the limitations of open rate as a sole metric and focus on developing robust strategies to drive meaningful engagement. Additionally, with the upcoming Apple Link policy, it becomes crucial for marketing departments to explore other innovative measurement techniques that accurately capture the impact of their campaigns.”

“Email isn’t just about driving sales, it is about providing value to customers and delivering brand awareness, so marketers must find an accurate way to measure the success of their outreach, ensuring consumers are catered to during the uncertain economic situation” Buil added.

Ian Gibbs, Planning and Insight Director for the DMA, commented: “While click-through-rates have remained stable year-on-year, and are down versus two years ago, this performance is relatively strong against the overall back drop of performance marketing effectiveness at the moment. In the face of declining consumer demand during the cost-of-living crisis, performance marketers are finding that response is harder and harder to come by as reported in the DMA’s CMO Measurement Toolkit earlier this year. A stable performance from email against this backdrop should give marketers confidence that the channel can help them drive results in tough times.”

Nearly all sectors observed a year-on-year increase in delivery rates. Retail reached new highs of 98.9 per cent respectively in 2022, and the Finance sector, after years of low deliverability, experienced a positive increase to 98.8 per cent.

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Simon Ward, CEO of Inspired Thinking Group, commented: “The report showcases how embracing a data-driven approach and fostering innovation are the keys to success in today’s marketing landscape. By combining the power of data and leveraging advanced technologies, businesses can continue to create personalised campaigns to deeply engage customers, foster brand loyalty and drive significant business growth. Deployteq stands as a shining example of how a blend of data and technology can deliver exceptional results for all brands.”

The news comes following Deployteq’s targeted expansion in the UK market to further strengthen its partnership base on the ground with major brands including Wickes, Virgin Media and Renault.

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