“ It is only through the use of martech and software that local businesses will be able to get ahead,” says Corey Quinn, CMO, Scorpion in an exclusive interview with TalkCMO.

TCMO Bureau: What are the biggest challenges that small/localized businesses face today for strategizing the best marketing roadmap?

Corey Quinn: The biggest challenge that local businesses face today is the overwhelming number of tasks a business owner has to perform in order to stay visible in the market and on the path toward growth.

They are expected to have a website, an up-to-date SEO strategy, targeted display and PPC ads, a sterling online reputation, an engaged email list, and a consistent social presence. All this in addition to actually running and managing the business.

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This often results in a lack of clarity as to which aspects of their growth they need to focus on to drive results as efficiently as possible. Business owners are left doing a little bit of everything while at the same time knowing that they’re probably not doing enough.

TCMO Bureau: How can small businesses gain the necessary market insights with limited resources and funds at their disposal?

Corey Quinn: Today, local business owners can’t do it all by themselves if they want to reach their growth goals. Instead, they must work with a smart partner or solution. This will enable them to make informed decisions on where to invest their time and money in marketing and growth, while at the same time giving them time back in their day and the freedom to focus on being in the business. Choosing that partner can be a challenge.

Today, there are over 87,000 marketing and advertising services and SaaS businesses in the US. You can imagine what it must be like to be a local business. Many are overwhelmed by the 10-15 emails and calls they get every day, soliciting their business and selling their products.

Many local businesses are not experts in marketing, so choosing the best partner to help them with their marketing efforts is problematic. With so many options, it’s common for them to choose the wrong partner or one that doesn’t follow-through on promises made in the sales process.

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It’s common to hear horror stories where local businesses go from one marketing partner to another, each time never getting what they thought they were buying. This leaves them feeling frustrated and jaded when it comes to marketing and growth.

Combined with the fact that there is just too much data, too many digital channels, and too many “shiny objects” in marketing, destroys productivity and creates waste that ends up overwhelming local business owners and preventing them from keeping up and growing effectively.

Today, there is no way a local business owner can do it all by themselves and do it well.

TCMO Bureau: What, according to you, can help the small enterprises to effectively utilize digital marketing techniques to build and grow their businesses?

Corey Quinn: As mentioned above, they really need to find a smart partner or solution who can help them stay focused on what matters.

Short of that, I would recommend that they focus on two essential engines for growth: Google PPC and online reviews. If I had to concentrate my time and marketing investment as a local business owner in any two areas, it would be those. They also need to make sure that their Google My Business listing is up to date and accurate. Again, by focusing on these two or three areas, they’re going to leave out a lot of important marketing tactics. Still, these are the foundations of a strategy that will help them make some traction and headway towards hitting their marketing outcomes and growth goals.

TCMO Bureau: How will the implementation and integration of martech positively shape the future for small and medium scale enterprises?

 Corey Quinn: It is only through the use of martech and software that local businesses will be able to get ahead. Whether it’s by combining many different marketing channels and tactics into one platform or using artificial intelligence to inform and guide decisions, the world will only get more complex when it comes to digital and growth.

Through the adoption of smart technology and software, the local businesses of the future will succeed, combined with great advice and guidance from experts who can help them navigate the often-confusing world of digital marketing and growth.

Corey Quinn is the Chief Marketing Officer at Scorpion. His role is to help Scorpion partner with more businesses in the verticals they serve. Corey has an MBA from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, where he graduated on the Dean’s list for academic achievement. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time traveling, reading, meditating, and spending with his family..

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