Kingscom – Marrying Media with Creative Expertise


“In 2020 the world changed, and brands need to innovate their media and creative strategies to match this shift,” says Kitty Walker, Agency Lead, at Kingscom, in an exclusive interview with TalkCMO.

TCMO Bureau: What is Kingscom all about? What is the type of businesses that you are planning to support through the brand in APAC?

Kitty Walker: Kingscom is all about marrying media and creative expertise under one roof. We are set up to have your in-house media strategists and buyers sitting next to your content creators and designers. Our vision is to be marketers ‘one-stop-shop’ of choice for all of their marketing needs – whether that be media strategy & buying, delivering disruptive content, or partnering brands with the right influencers to deliver authentic and impactful influencer campaigns. We want to give businesses and marketers a solution that saves them time, delivers efficiencies, and better results.

We want to work with established or challenger brands that are passionate about stepping outside of the status quo and disrupting the industries they perform within. In 2020 the world changed, and brands need to innovate their media and creative strategies to match this shift. Kingscom are passionate about delivering innovative solutions to drive business results and meet business objectives in the newly altered world we are living in.

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TCMO Bureau: What will be your biggest differentiating factor? How would Kingscom, in your mind, be better than the competition?

Kitty Walker: Kingscom was born during a time of worldwide change – we look to the future, not the past. Kingscom has the vision to create and innovate according to these changes. We have formed a diverse and experienced team with over 40 years of experience in the media and creative industries, passionate about servicing clients and driving business growth for them within this new era. We can react, adapt, and optimize campaigns in real-time due to everyone working together in one team, allowing brands to reach their target audiences at the right moment. We believe that our unique agency personality and perspective, when partnered with brands, will create transformative marketing campaigns and continue business growth, navigating this adventure into our ‘new normal’ together.

TCMO Bureau: Given the current situation globally, how does Kingscom plan to expand the business beyond APAC?

Kitty Walker: We have launched our APAC Kingscom agency hub in Singapore, where we are perfectly strategically placed to cater to the total region. Where face-to-face meetings and travel is still on hold, we aim to partner with brands and marketers virtually, engaging them through digital communication channels. Our team has a wide range of experience within and outside APAC, and although our focus is currently on growing here, we have huge ambitions to build a worldwide presence in the near future.

TCMO Bureau: Marrying strategy with creativity is not an easy task. How does Kingscom plan to do it for the benefit of clients?

Kitty Walker: As mentioned before, Kingscom’s mission is to marry media and creative expertise under one roof. Often brands hire a range of agencies to cater to their media, creative, and branding requirements. This can result in brands having a multitude of teams working on campaigns, often coming in at different stages of the planning process.

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With Kingscom offering all of these services in-house, we are able to build longer-term strategies that are aligned and connected – right from the start. Clients will benefit from working with one team from the briefing phase, allowing all client, media, and creative minds to work in unison, resulting in innovative and effective campaign ideas and execution.

Kitty Walker is the Agency Lead for Kingscom. She has been based in Singapore for the past few years, but has experience across both APAC and EMEA markets. She has a strong background in FMCG Brand Marketing and Media, working on some huge global brands over the years.