Ensuring unmatched customer experience during disturbed times

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In a post-COVID world, eCommerce platforms like Kooomo will be vital for retailers looking to continue operating safely and securely, says Ciaran Bollard, CEO of Kooomo, in an exclusive interview to TCMO.

TCMO Bureau- What are the ways Kooomo can ensure a smooth customer experience?

Ciaran Bollard- The Kooomo platform uses a combination of advanced and regularly updated eCommerce technologies and integrations to ensure it can future-proof all aspects of the online Customer Experience (CX). It provides the smoothest possible online shopping experience by seamlessly connecting all businesses’ sales channels under a single, unified, and highly advanced eCommerce platform.

The right eCommerce platform must provide a highly satisfying omnichannel experience, as consumers now expect to interact with their chosen brands across various physical and digital touch points. By aligning an online store with the brand’s values and representing its USP accurately, retailers can establish trust and loyalty.

An online store should also include options for customers to make safe and secure online payments, alongside real-time data collection and analysis that complies with GDPR. This data can be used to maximize sales and win new customers. It can also help retailers identify any user experience issues to make technical improvements to their site.

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In a post-COVID world, eCommerce platforms like Kooomo will be vital for retailers looking to continue operating safely and securely. We provide a full enterprise solution that is affordable and gives retailers a rapid time-to-market, and access to over 200 1-Click members, enabling them to reach a larger number of potential customers.

 TCMO Bureau- How has Kooomo helped business owners to overcome the issues arising from a global pandemic?

Ciaran Bollard- Working in the industry, we felt compelled to help retailers – so as soon as governments announced funding support schemes, we leaped at the chance to play our part by waiving our set-up fees. We decided to support retailers and hopefully ensure that they could come out on the other side of this. We all are responsible to help each other out in these difficult times, and acceleration of eCommerce initiatives is a good way to start trade and future proof businesses. In particular, we have seen a significant interest in ‘Click and Collect’ and omnichannel solutions to help kick-increase trade and footfall in physical stores.

We usually operate on a revenue-share model once a merchant is set up, and, through this scheme, we will waive set-up fees that, on average, consist of about €40,000. The retailer’s only cost is a fixed monthly charge or the revenue share as mentioned on the sold goods. When integrations are required, then this would be quoted on a client-by-client basis. But with 200 1-Click members, for a lot of customers, this is not necessary.

TCMO Bureau- How have eCommerce organizations tackled the sudden rise in online demand?

Ciaran Bollard- For our clients and the clients who joined Kooomo via the scheme, it wasn’t just about satisfying an increased demand – it meant completely overhauling everything from staff to the messaging on their website. It’s not only that there are more people online now, but they also have a new set of shopping priorities.

Most organizations had to grapple with severe disruption to their supply chains, long delays in distribution, and adapting their brand messaging, etc. Delays in gratification have generally been overcome with clear, informative messaging on the website and good customer service. In general, consumers have become more understanding during the pandemic, so they appreciate honest communications and regular order status updates.

New shopping habits and broadened online demographics (such as increased demand from the older generation demographic) twinned with social distancing and safety measures have led us to an unprecedented reliance on eCommerce technologies. These spikes in traffic can quickly lead to poor site performance, even for some of the country’s biggest retailers. eCommerce organizations who have been capacity planning and testing their sites should now withstand this increased demand.

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Kooomo’s capacity can easily cope with peak period traffic and unpredictable surges for retailers we work with. We encourage close relationship with customers to optimize the experience and offer tips for boosting their sales further.

TCMO Bureau- Can you highlight how you support your tech partners, clients, and agencies?

Ciaran Bollard- We’ve taken the measure to waive set our set-up fees for new customers in terms of clients. Still, we’ve also worked with existing customers, taking any of their struggles into account and making required and relevant adjustments so they can continue trading effectively on our platform.

We strive to create a ‘cycle of success’ for all of our stakeholders by offering clients access to world-class technology, proving vital to helping them grow their business. We also help technology and agency partners be discovered by a network of businesses looking to amplify their digital commerce offerings. It allows partners to establish relationships with clients across various verticals to maximize their offering and extend their network.

Our technology was designed to be both innovative and agile, so our clients’ needs to shape our development roadmap, which ensures continued success for all of our stakeholders.

Ciaran Bollard is the CEO of Kooomo. Ciaran was previously CEO of MUZU TV, an online music video platform. Ciaran is focused on steering the ship at Kooomo and working with its customers to help take the complexity out of digital commerce and help brands extend their revenues and reach to a global audience

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