Effective Ways of Using YouTube Videos for Marketing

    Effective Ways of Using YouTube Videos for Marketing

    YouTube is one of the best media marketing channels for building a brand and generating leads for most businesses. B2B marketing can’t be effective for any domain today without companies concentrating on YouTube marketing.

    According to a report by Statista, YouTube is considered the second-largest social media platform in the world, with over 2.5 billion monthly active users. According to recent Sprout Social statistics, consumers increasingly use YouTube for entertainment, education, and product research. Companies can benefit from YouTube marketing by raising brand awareness, building stronger customer relationships, improving SEO, and increasing conversion rates of visitors.

    YouTube allows businesses to showcase all the benefits of products on the business website through videos. No other online medium can achieve it for the online business.

    Another great way to drive business sales is through Facebook videos. Depending on one channel will take businesses nowhere. So, sharing YouTube videos on other channels, such as Facebook, is always better. Regarding landing customers and sales, YouTube’s audience is king.

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    As YouTube viewing has staying power, brands can capture and keep viewers’ attention for more time. On YouTube, an average video viewing session on mobile lasts more than 45 minutes.

    Among social media platforms, YouTube holds the best post-click engagement rate. YouTube beats Netflix and Facebook on mobile viewing. The majority of mobile web traffic is through YouTube. Also, YouTube has the lowest bounce rate after a click-through to your site. Moreover, YouTube has the highest average time on website pages per visit.

    YouTube marketing has become very important and influential in reaching out to customers and increasing brand awareness as marketing through YouTube videos can:

    • Reach a large audience
    • Improve search visibility
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Build trust and credibility
    • Drive sales and traffic
    • Generate leads
    • Make extra revenue

    Successful Ways of Using YouTube for Marketing

    Following successful tips will help businesses effectively use YouTube Marketing to improve generating leads and eventually enhance the number of sales.

    • Brands Should Have a Consistent Video Style

    Consistency in the video length, niche, and upload time is crucial and is the single biggest attribute that enables videos to grab more followers and viewers. This will gradually make people understand what to expect from the channel of the business.

    The brand will lose traction when it uploads one video in one week, five in the next, and waits one month to upload the next.

    Companies should keep pushing out content to keep people interested and make them return for more. If inconsistent on YouTube, brands can expect only inconsistent traffic. Posting at least one video a week is crucial to successful YouTube marketing.

    • Make Custom Thumbnails

    Creating custom thumbnails is very important to increase views, clicks, and sales, as attractive custom thumbnails will drive more engagement. Thumbnails are the same as meta descriptions in SERPs on Google. YouTube is also a search engine.

    When people search with keywords on YouTube, they first see video titles, thumbnails, and a short description of the search results. People click one of them to watch the video.

    Thus, compelling thumbnails make people click, engage customers, and drive sales.

    • Use CTAs in Every Video

    One essential tactic to increase e-commerce sales through YouTube marketing is to use a call to action in every video. Businesses can use end-screen CTAs, which are easy to insert and work well to bring people to the brand website and make them new customers.

    People don’t like brand videos unless businesses ask for them. The same happens with subscribing to the channel and clicking links to take them to the business website. Marketers must tell them to do it instead of assuming they will. CTAs linking to the business website can bring tons of traffic and sales.

    • Maintain the Ideal Length

    The ideal length of a video, which will engage and keep your audience interested, is up to four minutes. The audience will likely lose interest in watching videos longer than four minutes. Even many of them do not complete watching a three-minute video.

    Videos should be shorter than four minutes to hook viewers’ interest and keep them along.

    • Keep YouTube SEO in Mind

    Searchability is very important as YouTube is the second largest search engine. Thus, optimizing title keywords and using all possible tags are very important to help the video come first in YouTube search results.

    Finding out and using apt keywords is important in this regard. Attractive thumbnails, catchy titles, and short descriptions are too crucial to subsequently drive sales by engaging viewers.

    Summing Up

    A great and easy way for companies to increase sales is the practice of video marketing. Among B2B marketers, most of them believe that video marketing is the most effective and best way to generate leads.

    The key strategy to deepen the connection of customers and increase customer engagement with brands is YouTube video marketing.

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    More than reading text, people like to see videos and images. Prioritize video marketing if the companies want to drive more sales. Although there are many ways to do it, YouTube is unparalleled regarding time spent and daily views on the site.

    CMOs can make marketers focus on these points while executing marketing strategies and yielding desired results.

    Considering the above tips when planning a YouTube marketing strategy to boost sales for an e-commerce site, such as thumbnails, CTA, consistency, ideal length, and YouTube SEO, surely will help brands fetch desired results.

    CMOs can look at it and make the marketers concentrate more on YouTube video marketing as it is the most effective method to generate leads, eventually increasing sales.

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