YouTube for B2B Marketing – The Ultimate Guide

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    YouTube for B2B Marketing - the Ultimate Guide

    YouTube has now stepped up its game to run B2B ad campaigns on the platform. This will allow businesses to target their audiences better, using expanded reach to increase conversion.

    Earlier, YouTube for B2B marketers was limited to creating videos. But, now it’s time for B2B marketers to prioritize YouTube marketing for creating better brand recognition.

    B2B Marketers Need To Look Beyond Big Data

    Below listed are the most effective strategies that B2B firms can implement to maximize their YouTube marketing reach and returns:

    1. Create engaging vlogs with regular posts

    In 2020, B2B marketers should focus on supplementing blogs with vlogs. In these videos, B2B marketers can build on the topics discussed in the written blog and upload them to the YouTube channel. This will help the regular blogs to get more traction.

    1. Upload product demos and cover trade show presence

    In-person events are always the top channel for generating B2B leads. Setting up a booth at a popular trade show and exhibiting a product demo is the best way to meet the target audience, build relationships, and to qualify leads. But, this is usually a significant investment for companies to consider.

    The simplest and most effective way to do this is to film the trade-show or live event and then upload it to YouTube. This will help in generating real-time sales leads in person by tapping into the crucial online video-viewing audience. 43% of the online video-viewing audience are the ones who research services and products before purchase.

    YouTube is Creating a Dedicated Kids Website

    Filming explainer videos and product demos is another good tactic. Also, publicizing the upcoming webinar on YouTube is a great option to expand the reach of the webinar. After all, 73% of B2B marketers and consider webinars as the best way to generate quality leads.

    1. Brand storytelling

    Storytelling is not often thought of as a critical marketing strategy for B2B businesses. But as the omnichannel sales have recently become more prominent, the traditional sales funnel has become obsolete. Potential customers are now actively researching companies on their own, and B2Bs need to appeal them through narrative storytelling.

    Brands can start producing videos that tell an engaging story about the brand. To do branded YouTube content right, B2B brands need to humanize the brand like how Microsoft did with their “All Abroad the Brilliant Bus,” and the Super Bowl ad.

    1. Build a YouTube Channel

    All B2B firms need to treat YouTube marketing the same way a B2C company would. B2B brands need to own their YouTube Channel. While making a YouTube channel, B2B firms should focus on the below pointers:

    • Consistency – Consistency across all banners and icons is essential. Any banners, icons, and logos on the YouTube channel should be consistent with those on the other landing pages
    • Compelling channel description – The “About” section on the YouTube channel needs to be optimized correctly, to maximize the chances of the videos reaching the broadest possible audience. They should contain relevant hashtags and keywords to boost SEO. The description should be crisp and short with a clear CTA and link to the website.
    • Organizing the videos – The YouTube channel would be filled with product demos, narrative vignettes, vlogs, employee interviews, webinars, etc. It is essential to segregate and organize them accurately to ensure that the audience can easily find what they’re looking for. This can be simply done by creating custom playlists by topic.

    B2B Enterprises Are Focussing More on Video Marketing Campaigns to Boost Sales

    There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for B2B businesses regarding YouTube. But, by adhering to the above best practices, they should be able to position the company ahead of the competition to ensure that the YouTube content reaches the maximum possible audience.