Ways to Optimize the Value of the MarTech Stack

    Ways to Optimize the Value of the MarTech Stack

    MarTech opens new opportunities for B2B marketers to enrich their campaigns. A few marketers find it difficult to ensure they make the right use of the tech stack that optimizes the value and increases ROI.

    Marketing tech stacks are a long-term and expensive investment that businesses have to invest in. These tech tools have changed the paradigm of B2B marketing teams in how they gather, store and process data. It is crucial for enterprises to analyze the data to understand the efficiency of the marketing tools integrated into the IT infrastructure.

    Without analyzing the data and measuring the results of the marketing solutions, the investments are like a shot in the dark. B2B organizations need to ensure that their business is doing the most out of the presales tech stack investment. CMOs should consider evaluating how the tools are helping their organization achieve its goals. If the tools implemented are not delivering expected results, there should be strategic data-driven changes in the process to increase the ROI of the tech stack. Following are a few ways to increase the value of the marketing technology.

    Analyze the existing capabilities

    Organizations cannot be in a constant search for a better marketing tool than an existing one implemented. CMOs should consider auditing the current marketing tech stack and its capabilities to understand what changes can be made to increase the ROI by leveraging its best features. There is a great possibility that minor tweaks in the existing tools can help to increase the value.

    Analyze all the marketing channel’s strategies

    B2B businesses that aim to make the most of the marketing tech stack implemented need to understand their needs and design an effective marketing strategy on multiple channels that meet the requirements. B2B marketing teams should embrace the Channels that help accomplish the organization’s vision. Evaluating business objectives, target audience, and competitors will assist in selecting the right channels to enhance the reach and boost conversions. The marketing tech stack should have the right tools that seamlessly integrate with each other to streamline the process. Moreover, there are robust tools in the market that centralize all the marketing channels to have a complete overview of the campaigns. Advanced data analytics will provide valuable insights into which channels work and deliver higher ROI and opportunities to improve the current marketing strategies.

    Determine the unique value proposition

    The marketing tech stack is constantly evolving, which might lure many organizations to implement the latest tools if they have launched innovative features. But may or may not be better or different from the existing ones in the tech stack. Marketing teams should consider speaking to the existing vendor to find out if there is a way to accomplish the same tasks as the new features offer. Moreover, if the new features help to collect information that already exists in the data warehouse, the current marketing tech stack is serving its value.

    Align the presales, sales, and aftersales

    It is essential for organizations to align the marketing, sales, and customer support teams to enhance business efficiency, deliver top-notch customer service, and more accurate revenue attribution. Automated workflows between the teams are one of the most effective ways to make the most out of the marketing tech stack. Between presales, sales, and aftersales teams, these will help organizations get better insights into the customer lifecycle.

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