Ways to Engage B2B Buyers During the Purchase Cycle

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    Ways to Engage B2B Buyers During the Purchase Cycle

    Today’s marketplaces have evolved tremendously, making it essential for businesses to adapt to changing needs to stay competitive. Today even B2B buyers expect a B2C-like digital customer experience.

    B2B processes today have become very intricate, and enterprises need to understand the intricacies and define a marketing strategy accordingly to impact the total addressable market. Many CMOs find it challenging to understand the complexity of the purchasing process of their prospective customers and engage with them effectively at the right touch point to bring them closer to conversion. A recent report published by Gartner titled “The B2B Buying Journey” suggests that nearly 77% of B2B buyers consider their last purchase process very complex or challenging. Enterprises must understand their customer’s pain points during their purchase process and make strategic changes to their marketing campaigns to enhance the customer experience.

    Following are a few strategies that CMOs can consider to implement an effective customer engagement strategy to attract and convert customers:

    Determine the client’s time frame

    According to a recent report by DemandGen titled “2022 B2B BUYER BEHAVIOR SURVEY,” nearly 55% of the respondents think their buying journey has become somewhat or significantly lengthy. B2B purchase decisions usually are longer because of an extended decision-making process. Marketing teams must understand the time frame of their prospective customers to make a strategic engagement strategy that engages with the clients at regular intervals. Businesses must regularly interact with B2B customers through all the channels to increase their conversion rate.

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    Identify the decision-makers in the buying process

    B2B buying processes are complex because there are multiple decision-makers involved in the process. Enterprises must identify the right resources to interact with and engage them to improve conversion chances.

    B2B marketing teams need to define a marketing strategy that engages with the prospects based on their influencing power in the purchasing process.

    Defining a presales campaign with this approach will enable the marketers to create brand awareness based on the prospect’s decision-making rights. Because sharing irrelevant information with resources with zero decision-making rights will put all the efforts to be in vain and result in poor-performing marketing operations.

    Well-informed buyers

    B2B buyers today conduct extensive research before they make their final purchase decisions. CMOs should consider all the potential channels the prospect might utilize to conduct research and make accurate decisions. Marketing teams should have a positive presence of their brand on all of those channels to develop a brand persona. The report by Gartner, The B2B Buying Journey, suggests that nearly 27% of the buying groups spend their time online conducting independent research. B2B marketing operations should consider delivering the correct information to the right customer at the right time to bring the prospects closer to conversion.

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    Design and implement an engaging content strategy        

    B2B content marketing strategies play a crucial role in the purchasing cycles of their prospects to stand apart from the competitors’ marketing clutter. The report by Demandgen Report suggests that nearly 62% of the respondents considered vendors that provided high-quality content as one of their five reasons while selecting the final vendor. Hence B2B marketing teams need to design and deliver an effective content marketing strategy that provokes the customer to engage with them to provide a top-notch customer experience.

    CMOs that implement the strategies mentioned above to engage with B2B customers will enable them to engage with the customers during their purchase process and bring them closer to conversion.

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