Ways to Deliver a Personalized and Omnichannel Customer Experience


    Clients today have multiple channels that they can leverage to interact with the brand. Delivering an effective personalized omnichannel customer experience has become a necessity for enterprises of all sizes, types, and industries.

    Integrating the omnichannel tool enables the brand’s customers to interact with them with ease by selecting their preferred channel to interact.  It involves multiple digital channels like live chat, social media, email, and legacy interaction channels like voice calls and SMS. Many business leaders find it a challenging task to deliver a personalized and consistent customer experience throughout all channels. Enterprises need to have an effective omnichannel marketing strategy and a MarTech stack to deliver a customized and consistent top-notch customer experience through all the available channels.

    Here are a few strategies that CMOs can consider to offer a top-notch customer experience:

    Determine the client’s preferred Touchpoints

    Enterprises should spot all the preferred touchpoints while drafting ideal customer profiles. It is crucial for enterprises to identify all the online and offline channels that most of their total addressable market spends on to make a marketing strategy based on it. Once the marketing operations identify all the touchpoints, they need to focus on which specific experiences, like presales, sales, and aftersales, they need to offer through these channels. Moreover, enterprises also need to determine which technologies and tools they can implement to streamline the identification process. CMOs should ensure that all the channels are centralized to enrich the omnichannel customer experience. Identifying the preferred customer channel is essential for businesses of every size, type, and industry. Moreover, the presales teams should also understand at which stage of the customer lifecycle the prospects start interacting with the brand.

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    Integrate the best omnichannel tools

    CMOs should consider integrating the right tools and systems in their MarTech stack to help the marketing teams to gather relevant customer insights to offer services and products accordingly.

    Based on the brand’s and consumers’ demands, marketing leaders can integrate the relevant tools to deliver a personalized omnichannel customer experience.

    Integrating customer analytics tools with inbuilt technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will enable businesses to personalize their customer experience. Moreover, it is also crucial to explore, evaluate and implement the best omnichannel customer management practices and tools into the MarTech stack to deliver a customized and consistent customer experience throughout all the channels. According to a recent report by Gartner titled “The Future of Customer Service and Support: Emerging Trends Through 2025 and Beyond,” nearly 86% of the B2B clients surveyed expect enterprises to be aware of their personal data during their service interactions.

    Strengthen the omnichannel customer journey

    Businesses need to start collecting first-party data to deliver a personalized customer experience. It is crucial for marketing operations to set effective processes and tools that enable businesses to have relevant, personalized conversations with customers while offering a consistent omnichannel experience. Offering a real-time omnichannel personalized CX will enable organizations to have a trustworthy relationship with their customers. Integrating automation tools into the MarTech stack that helps businesses to deliver an automated customer experience will help to reduce the strain on the resources.

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    Improve data quality and contextual understanding

    The success rate of the personalization efforts depends on the quality of data that is fed into the system and the tool’s capabilities of contextual understanding. Marketing leaders that want to offer a top-notch customized customer experience through all the available channels need to ingest high-quality data into the data streams. CDOs and CMOs need to have a customized plan to gather, process, and evaluate the gathered according to the business objectives.

    Business marketing leaders need to ensure they deliver a top-notch personalized omnichannel customer experience to make the most of their marketing operations.

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