Ways to Avoid Costly Customer Experience Mistakes

    Ways to Avoid Costly Customer Experience Mistakes-01

    To understand the importance of customer experience, marketers need to learn about the challenges that make its successful leverage difficult  

    For any  business leaders I, improved customer experience usually means  a hike in investments- for new systems, more customer service agents, and many other things. But a better and improved customer experience can dramatically reduce operating costs with the right approach. Here are the three biggest mistakes to avoid when crafting any organization’s CX, while  increasing ROI.

    Mistake 1:  Treating Customer Service and Customer-Centricity are different 

    The most crucial part of the equation is that customers are speaking through their decisions: with every data they share, they provide metrics that can inform strategy. Every single decision counts, and contributes towards the customer strategy.

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    Most companies think of such data as the basis for actionable insights, they create strategies based on what the data is   telling them, and that is what makes an organization “customer-centric.”

    But this is certainly different from providing good ‘customer service, which is an on-going discipline, and process that is to be followed every single time.

    Mistake 2: Focusing on Transactions, not on Transformation

    Customer service is transactional, and though it may save a valuable transaction from a customer, it does very little to create a lasting relationship, which will turn customers into the most prominent advocates.  Transformation into digital entity  is a completely unrelated process, but needs to be done on the organisational level. Consistency in valuable transactions can and should not be compromised because the digital transformation process sis under way.

    Mistake 3: Putting Tools and Processes above Dedication,

    Making CX more seamless and streamlined technology plays several roles; however, success boils down to the right mentality you need to serve the customer truly. CX is like other initiatives, takes commitment and consistency. There must be a long-term relationship plan to create a sustainable CX initiative.

    Marketers can follow these tips for creating an outstanding customer experience:

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    1. Looking upstream–Contact center leaders are too often focused on navigating through their daily operational challenges. They often neglect to look upstream and identify to resolve process failures. This initially causes calls, complaints, or issues to occur in the first place. A wealth of information is available there, that can be leveraged to improve any business systematically.
    2. Anticipated Need– Organizations that stand out constantly as leaders in driving differentiated experience leverage their customers’ data, trends, and insights. These touch points proactively anticipate and address current  and future customer needs. A solid understanding of targeted customers is required, along with a focus on innovation.
    3. Leverage Data – Regularly collecting and analyzing data from all the customer touch points will help marketers understand and fix process failures; measure the impact of changes. This also focuses on the areas with the highest impact on business. Many successful companies gain valuable customer insights through their purchasing patterns, customer service transactions, and social media trends.
    4. Utilizing internal and external expertise – Those who work inside the organization validate the customer-centricity of their organization.. A third party leveraging insights with extensive experience in customer-centric transformations enables the organization to think more creatively and identify innovative solutions that drive the desired customer and business outcomes.

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