Ways B2B Marketing Teams can have Higher ROI with Limited Resources


    Customer expectations globally are evolving, and they expect a customized resolution in real-time to have a seamless buying experience as consumers. B2B marketing teams need to have cutting-edge tools, trends, and workflows to meet the demands.

    A recent report published by Integrate titled “2022 State of B2B Marketing Budgets” suggests that approximately 60% of B2B marketers say that they are witnessing budget cuts. The report also suggests that nearly two third of marketers are expected to achieve the same or better results with limited resources.

    CMOs in the B2B landscape should design and implement an efficient MarTech stack and hire the best talent to have a higher ROI with fewer resources.

    Here are a few ways that CMOs can consider improving their ROI with fewer resources:

    Implement robust Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools

    Many marketers are threatened by AI and think it is a replacement for human resources. Hence many businesses have not yet adopted artificial intelligence in the MarTech stack. Integrating artificial intelligence into marketing operations will help businesses to enhance their productivity by eliminating the efforts and time required to accomplish tedious tasks. Businesses that do not have the capabilities or resources to implement this technology can integrate marketing tools with inbuilt artificial intelligence to make strategic data-driven decisions. There are many Software-as-a-Service providers that marketing teams can Implement to automate their operations to focus on developing client relationships rather than accomplishing tedious manual tasks. B2B marketing teams need to have a clear understanding of their total addressable market and what tools will help them to improve their customer experience and conversion rate.

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    Enhance the content marketing strategy

    It is crucial to understand the preferences of the total addressable market and create content around the same to create awareness for the business. The B2B marketing landscape has become a clutter of the same marketing tricks, and increasing competition has made it difficult for each marketer to stand apart. Visual assets and copywriting play a crucial role in breaking down complex information into digestible ways to increase the impact of marketing. An effective customized marketing strategy will enable businesses to increase engagement around the content developed. Organizations with limited resources can implement effective content marketing tools in the MarTech stack to develop and deliver content more efficiently. An effective content marketing strategy should have content for all stages of the sales funnel and need to interact with the customer at the right time through the right channels to convert them into buyers. For instance, when the B2B buyer is in their awareness stage, marketing teams need to design and deliver content that improves the brand’s awareness.

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    Integrate marketing in every department of the enterprise

    As businesses of every sector, type and industry are becoming more competitive, it has made it challenging for marketers to withstand this tremendous pressure. Many organizations have started integrating marketing in every department of their organization to increase brand awareness. Businesses with limited resources can empower every individual of all the departments with the products and services knowledge. Integrated marketing throughout the enterprise will help to deliver a top-notch customer experience and enable businesses to make the most of their resources available.

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