Virtual Assistants Helping Enterprises to Survive Amidst the COVID-19 Lockdown

    Virtual Assistants Helping Enterprises to Survive Amidst the COVID-19 Lockdown

    Virtual assistants provide different services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. They work in collaboration for a few hours per week while freeing up the team’s time to focus on what they do best.

    The pandemic managed to close down several industries via government-issued lockdowns. Though the lockdown was absolutely compulsory, companies now are in a dilemma about their workforce returning back to work. All these thoughts are constantly plaguing the minds of the companies’ CXOs. This is precisely where virtual assistants (VA) can help resolve the unanswered questions. And, this is where virtual assistants step in to help businesses survive through the COVID-19 crisis.

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    Even before the pandemic, business leaders were very keen on investing in avant-garde solutions. The final goal has always been to generate more profits. While optimal utilization of resources and strategizing may sustain the initial phase for businesses, things can get pretty challenging to manage as the businesses grow. Firms need to be agile and flexible to ensure business continuity. So, virtual assistants can help to provide required support in achieving the organization’s goals. Remote working is getting more accessible, streamlined, and immensely helpful to startups and small businesses to boost sales and growth.

    It is exhausting and practically impossible to manage every aspect of the business life-cycle process as it not only hampers efficiency and productivity but also costs an excessive amount of time. Hiring a virtual assistant can help in the delegation of tasks that are monotonous and mundane while freeing oneself to focus on critical areas that demand skilled specialization. By offloading all these tasks, VA allows the company teams to have maximized leisure time.

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    Virtual assistants can be hired on a project-by-project basis, based on their skills, talents, or requirement. Such collaborations allow us to easily cope with increasing work demands without thinking about rushing the recruitment process. By outsourcing the tasks to the VA, one would be able to drive the business’s growth to new heights. Also, while hiring a VA, recruiters need not bother about the geographical restrictions, allowing free access to world-class talent.

    Virtual Assistants have exceptional experience in digital marketing and social media management. By increasing the frequency of qualitative posts on social media will strengthen brand identity. Moreover, having a social media presence helps to connect with customers. Depending on the goals, the VA can effectively handle social media interaction by:

    • setting a chatbot

    • prompt responses to consumer queries

    • generate leads

    • social media advertising

    Moreover, while hiring a virtual assistant, recruiters need not be worried about paying
    operational expenditures like utility bills, office space rent, office supplies, and appliances. Also, virtual assistant only charges for time worked, thus eliminating the health benefits, sick leave payment, and taxes. And, hiring virtual professionals can also save on training costs.

    Many VA’s are also highly skilled in business procedures to identify cost-effective ways to run the business. They come in handy for tasks that require scheduling meetings, market research, data entry, responding to sales and e-mail leads, web development, transcription, and much more. Basically, they help de-stress the workload by getting more work done in a comparatively lesser time-frame. To conclude, they enhance productivity with 24/7 availability.

    VAs also effectively bridge the skill gap in the business, by prioritizing and stressing on the weak areas. This is because they committed to providing very productive results while delivering value to their customers. Besides, they also gain enhanced flexibility in business areas.

    Running a business can be stressful and challenging sometimes. If hiring a virtual assistant can save from such headaches to improve efficiency with productivity. Moreover, the virus is not going to disappear any time soon, nor is the lockdown restrictions. So, now is the best time to explore this option to hire a virtual assistant. Not only have that, but VA also presents oneself to have a better work-life balance too.