Top Six Benefits of Using a Call Analytics Platform for Marketing Teams

    Top Six Benefits of Using a Call Analytics Platform for Marketing Teams

    The data that today’s call analytics platforms can produce can help marketing teams monitor performance across channels and assess the quality of their multichannel traffic, allowing them to make better optimization, strategies and plans for the future.

    It is usually the responsibility of the marketing team to generate inbound leads and attract a larger percentage of the available online visitors to interact with a brand effectively. Inbound callers or inbound leads can be made to convert faster than other traffic and audiences if they are properly planned – this is where Call Analytics platforms can help.

    Call analytics systems can help close marketing gaps, especially those that exist between several channels. This can improve inbound lead planning and management, as well as the marketing-sales relationship and alignment within an organization.

    Marketing teams can now incorporate call analytics data into their existing martech stack to gain a more holistic view of the purchasing journey of their customers. Why have marketing and sales teams become more reliant on call analytics platforms?

    Here are few benefits of using Call Analytics Systems:

    Enhances multi-channel attribution

    Prospects and leads arrive to a brand’s page or website through many methods in today’s multichannel marketing and online selling world – online adverts, social networking sites, and sometimes even a landing page hosted elsewhere. Marketers can determine which inbound leads came from which channel by employing tracking analytics within call analytics systems and scripting the appropriate marketing flow, allowing them to measure channel effectiveness and improve attribution models in a multitude of ways.

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    Effective marketing and sales campaigns

    When inbound calls or inbound leads are tracked using proper analytics and assessment systems, it becomes easier to determine which channel or messaging resonated more with a specific prospect base, allowing marketers to improve the output of different campaigns and future marketing plans in the long run.

    Helps create a more unified customer view

    Call analytics dashboards are simple to integrate with a company’s CRM or other marketing automation systems, allowing for a more unified view of the customer profile and purchasing journey through a singular system. This can help in scaling of corporate sales and marketing models by allowing marketing and sales leaders to determine what kind of personalization will help drive long-term customer conversations and benefits.

    Better marketing budgeting models

    Marketing teams can allocate more resources and time by using a better attribution model that leads to optimized future campaigns. This is where marketing leaders can step in and reallocate money to channels and marketing techniques that produce better ROI and long-term customer relationships.

    Helps in the distribution of high-quality leads to sales teams

    Implementing a good call analytics tool to analyze how and why inbound prospects connect with a business can help marketers filter out high-quality leads faster and move the most likely to purchase leads to sales teams for faster action as a next step. In the long run, this can improve overall sales productivity and lead to more customer wins, in addition to greater marketing-sales alignment. IVR systems and intelligence call routine systems are commonly used by seasoned marketing leaders to track and automatically send high-quality leads to the appropriate sales agents depending on interest or location.

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    More accurate assessment of sales performance

    Most sales leaders utilize call analytics systems to track their reps’ sales performance and figure out which reps or agents close the most deals and how they do it. This can help sales leaders in determining which sales reps require additional training or support, as well as determining what type of conversation or sales strategy works best with which type of customer.

    Both sales and marketing departments can benefit from enterprise call analytics platforms. Improved procedures and implementation strategies can help organizations achieve their goals and increase their ROI, as well as streamline the flow of prospects.

    Call analytics tools have been used by top marketers and salespeople to improve engagement. Call analytics tools enable marketing teams to take a data-driven approach to calling as a channel, while also providing the right triggers to drive conversions at a lower cost per lead.

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