Top Marketing Techniques That Will Add an Edge to Businesses This Year

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    Top Marketing Techniques That Will Add an Edge to Businesses This Year

    Technology is constantly undergoing upgrades and hence providing ample trending choices to marketers. With the cutting edge as innovation accelerates, it offers exceptional opportunities for businesses to set new benchmarks.

    With the beginning of the new decade, marketers are experimenting with advanced technologies to improve their user base. Marketing and customer experience outlook is expected to evolve from stability and customer attention. Content marketing is expected to bring a significant commercial impact, as per a Smart Insights report. Undoubtedly, social media is fast becoming a collaborative conduit with most of the digital campaigns which are taking marketing to a strategic level.

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    Video content is a top interest factor today due to the impending benefit of 5G and the resulting speed of mobile communication. A report by Wyzowl on “Video Marketing Statistics 2016” states that about 70% of the consumers share videos of brands that they prefer, on cell phones. Given their constant connection with mobiles, this helps people to make more effective and faster decisions on these brands. It is reinforced by the data in IAB’s 2019 Video Advertising Spend report – a 25% YOY rise in the digital content budget.

    B2B marketers are optimizing their content for the vast voice search space. With the increase of voice-activated devices, voice search is on the top priority. The usage of smart speakers has reached the top, giving different brands the advantage to explore their advertising space. Lately, Google revealed that 20% of all the search queries take place via voice search. Thus, brands are targeting millennials as they spend a lot of time on social media platforms.

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    AI-Augmented customer services are helping brands with marketing so that they can focus more on creating a fantastic customer experience. One of the crucial reasons for ChatBots integration is the need for real-time responsiveness. Many brands have raised concerns on how automation has reduced human interaction, assuring a unique communication.   Juniper Research predicts that ChatBots will allow more than $8 billion per annum by 2022, a clear indication of the significance of this tool in marketing.

    Clearly, with the rise of digitization, B2B marketers are making inroads through the sales funnel by educating the people and keeping them engaged. Many brands have already implemented a solid base of quality content spanning all the marketing channels to remain a step ahead. In the digital era, marketing is evolving with its new offerings, and marketers are embracing the changes!

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