Top Content Marketing Trends for B2B Enterprises This Year

    Top Content Marketing Trends for B2B Enterprises This Year

    Marketers are trying to keep up with the latest trends to improve their user base, and content marketing has already captured the digital space with its unique and innovative offerings.

    Digital marketers are today struggling to align with the latest technologies and ever-changing trends. According to IAB’s 2019 Video Advertising Spend report, there was a 25% YOY rise in the digital content budget. B2B marketers are convinced that engaging and interactive content will lead the way in 2020. Five years ago, Demand Gen Report surveyed the “2015 Content Preferences Survey,” and it was found that 91% of consumers prefer visual and interactive content over traditional formats.

    In the digital era, where users have less time and short attention spans, Video content is fast evolving into a top interest factor thanks to the rise in mobile communication and the impending 5G. A study by SocialMediaWeek on “2020 Video Marketing and Statistics”, says videos will go up to 82% among all internet traffic in 2020. Video content helps buyers to make faster and more effective decisions as people spend more time on their phones. Wyzowl published a report “Video Marketing Statistics 2016”, which states about 70% of the consumers share a brand’s video that they like.

    Influencer Marketing is rapidly changing the marketplace. A study by Mediakix predicts that ad spends for influencer marketing could reach up to $10 billion by 2020. It is getting marketers’ attention as it is easily measurable and accessible with in-build insights and analytics. An increasing number of brands are investing in it since people are actively using social media. Many niche content creators have already ruled the market, and it will only going to get higher now onwards. Founder and CEO of Elumynt, William Harris, said, “One of the best ways to get this content is from influencers – they know how to tell a story that fits the social media channel’s objective.”

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    Of course, E-mail marketing in 2020 might sound like “old-school” but it is one of the most preferred ways for successful lead nurturing, even today. The E-mail newsletters supported with social media marketing are already delivering better ROI with minimal investment or effort. A report on “B2B Content Marketing 2020” by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs reads- 31% of the organizations said that email newsletters are still a successful measure for lead nurturing. Today, with the help of automation and segmentation tools, marketers can deliver the best, most relevant content at the right time.

    Clearly, with the advancement of technology and smart devices, it is already easier for marketers to deliver the right content to the targeted audiences. As the new decade begins, marketers are busy experimenting with advanced technologies for an auspicious time ahead.

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