Top B2B Marketing Pitfalls that CMOs Should Avoid for an Efficient Marketing Funnel


    Enterprises today need to have a streamlined and quality marketing funnel to create a reliable sales pipeline and increase conversion rates.

    It has become crucial for the B2B marketing teams to design and implement impactful marketing campaigns to create a quality sales pipeline.

    Mapping the entire customer journey right from presales to aftersales will help businesses to gain actionable insights into the presales funnel. The presales conversion funnel significantly impacts the type of content that is crease and sales-related decisions.

    A few presales teams find it challenging to spot the flaws in their lead funnel and make changes to them to increase efficiency. CMOs should consider making strategic changes to improve the efficiency of the marketing funnel. Here are a few presales pitfalls that CMOs should avoid to create a scalable sales pipeline:

    Marketing campaigns inconsistency

    B2B presales teams might design a yearly campaign with innovative initiatives to improve their outcomes. But the market, economic or other disruptions might create hindrances in campaign deliverables. Inconsistencies in the marketing campaigns will disengage the user, and competitors can seek the opportunity to lure the customer. Because B2B purchase journeys include multiple touch points and decision-makers, maintaining consistency across channels and touchpoints has become essential for all enterprises. A consistent presales campaign will assist the enterprise in creating a quality marketing funnel to focus on potential customers.

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    Making marketing campaigns all about the organization

    Enterprises might make massive copywriting-related blunders that can have a significant impact. With restricted space to explore creativity to maintain professionalism in communication, B2B marketers might get direct in their presales approach. Trying to keep the corporate marketing strategies professional might come out as a direct sales pitch that directly speaks about the product or service capabilities. CMOs should consider developing customer-centric marketing campaigns that address the customer pain points and how the solution can help them to streamline their operations. It is one of the most effective ways to attract customers into the marketing funnel, engage them and convert them into customers.

    Differentiated from Competitors’ Strategy

    Many businesses experience this pitfall because their presales strategies resemble   their competitors’. Campaigns that are similar to the competitors will result in lead clashes between them. CMOs should consider developing a robust marketing strategy that displays the features that set the product apart from the competition. Designing and implementing unique presales campaigns will help enterprises to gather qualitative leads for the marketing funnel.

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    Multiple niches

    While marketing B2B products and services, marketing teams can get confused about which niche to promote to what customer. A presales strategy that promotes all the niches might dump all the prospects with different requirements in one marketing funnel. CMOs should consider designing separate marketing campaigns for every niche to attract relevant target audiences and streamline the sales pipeline. Marketing funnels that have separate customer segments will help the enterprises to have a higher conversion rate.

    Lack of proactive marketing strategies

    A few businesses do not have proper presales workflows in place to attract and convert new customers. Probably they believe in word-of-mouth marketing and rely on their business outcome based on them. However, with the current competitive landscape, word of mouth will not be able to match the current marketing funnel demand. CMOs should consider delivering relevant presales campaigns that are innovative, engaging, and nurturing. Proactive presales strategies will help businesses to ensure smooth data flow in the marketing funnel.

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