Marketing decision-makers are focused on investing in content marketing, design, and growth marketing in 2021.

The need for agility and speed has become crucial like never before with the rapid variations in consumer needs and preferences. In its essence, marketers have felt the force to adapt to innovative strategies and areas of investments to keep up in this digital marketplace.

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As marketing leaders look ahead in an unprecedented time, a new research study reveals that companies already have specific areas of investment which they are prioritizing for the coming months.

Canva teamed up with HubSpot recently to conduct the “Executive Marketing Leadership Survey” to understand the current market scenario. The statistics showed that the top areas that CMOs want to invest in are – content marketing, design, and growth marketing.

Nearly 25% of the surveyed respondents reported that growth marketing is their company’s topmost focus as we advance. Besides, the researchers indicated content marketing, in particular, is most likely to grow in significance – with field marketing declining amid the global pandemic.

As mentioned in the report – “Growth marketing has been a hot topic for several years now, but with online traffic growing during COVID-19, marketing leaders are focusing their efforts on converting traffic into leads while maintaining traffic levels over time…Growth marketing is no longer a niche subject—it’s a pillar of successful companies.”

Certainly, this crisis period is seeing a rapid pace to drive returns of investment. In fact, over the next 12 months, a vast majority of marketing leaders (40%) will be dedicated to acquiring new customers – claims a recent Altimeter study.

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The same study also suggests that about 39% of companies would be honing in on increasing revenue from their existing customers. Furthermore, almost 52% of marketers want to enhance the ability to personalize content for different customer segments as well as personas.

It is no secret that COVID-19 has dramatically impacted and disrupting consumer behavior in every possible aspect – including work, shopping, learning, entertainment, and wellbeing. With digital adoption seeing steep acceleration, about 28% of brands want to expand their ability to design and visualize operational omnichannel campaigns.

Over time, the restrictions surrounding the pandemic may be easing, but its impacts on consumer behavior will continue to be felt for years to come. As a result, experts suggest marketers should prepare to respond nimbly and quickly to such changes – as they occur.