Top 5 Must-Have Marketing Automation Skills

    Top 5 Must-Have Marketing Automation Skills

    Marketing automation software is only as good as the person or team in charge of it, as savvy business owners understand. It’s not a silver bullet; strategic planning, analytical thinking, data management, content production, and other human contributions are still required.

    Marketing automation has become the standard in the industry. Every year, the scene becomes more broad and crowded, from chatbots to big data. Customers increasingly access businesses through a variety of media, so having a marketing automation approach is more of a necessity than an advantage.

    According to a 2020 report by Mordor Intelligence titled “Marketing Automation Software Market – Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2021 – 2027)” demand for marketing automation software was at US$3.60 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to grow to US$11.46 billion in 2027.

    The issue is that the industry is also experiencing a dearth of skilled individuals who know how to employ automation systems to their full potential. Specialists who can train and up skill marketing generalists are in high demand; as large corporations want to acquire smaller enterprises with expertise in digital space.

    Businesses that wish to enhance their digital capabilities should either hire the right people or train their current employees in the skills they lack. So let’s take a look at the top five marketing automation skills that any marketing team should possess.

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    Ability to think of the big picture

    Email workflows, social media management, landing page builders, lead scoring and grading, mobile messaging, analytics and reporting, and so on are all included in marketing automation technologies. There are many wheels churning, and marketers should be able to see the big picture of how each cog interacts with the others and analyze how this relates to the company’s marketing strategy and the customer journey. This is necessary to avoid alienating clients by excessive communication.

    Being tech-savvy

    It should come as no surprise that teams implementing marketing automation software should be tech-savvy. Businesses can train employees on a certain system, but automation technologies are updated on a regular basis, with new features being added or modified. Marketers should be comfortable with technology to the point where they can self-guide and explore automation products without the need for continuous assistance.

    Efficient management of projects and processes

    While automation technologies save time in the long term by reducing manual chores, there is still a significant amount of effort required to perform planned activities in the beginning. Whether it’s a new automated lead nurture campaign or a suite of gated content, marketing managers in charge of strategy implementation should be able to coordinate the launch and on-going administration of projects with strict deadlines.

    Generation of content

    While employees who work with marketing automation software do not need to be graphic designers or copywriters, they do need to have a keen eye for quality content. They should also be able to work together to create material that is appealing to their target audience. To take this to the next level, the top marketers create content that is aligned with their segmentation plan and uses automation tools like advanced personalization.

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    Decision-making based on data

    Making decisions based on data uncovered in marketing automation platforms is the mark of a strong automation marketer, which goes beyond simply understanding data analytics and uncovering insights. The beauty of digital technology is that it allows businesses to constantly evolve based on their audience’s involvement, and it’s critical that marketers make use of this.

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