Customers coming on e-commerce websites are not ready to buy – yet. Right now, they are simply comparing, browsing options and – most importantly – looking for differentiators.

Most of the e-Commerce sites offer more or less similar features, so it’s the personalized differentiators that make the difference. And that’s precisely where content marketing has a significant role to play.

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Online searches favor content that is personalized and has been specially tailored for the customer. Below are the top 5 tips to ensure the right content marketing for e-commerce websites:

  1. Sharing Knowledge

The generosity of spirit is hugely attractive to online browsers as it makes a welcome change to being ‘sold at.’ Sharing knowledge or good to know information can make the consumers want to ‘payback’ by recommending the website or advertising it to acquaintances.

  1. Share Business Specialties

What kind of shops do customers look for in a new town? The independents, the quirky, the different ones with a relevant story to tell grab most eyeballs. The online shopping experience always needs a sprinkle of personalization. It is recommended to develop content weaving stories that could confirm visitors about the existence and genuineness of the business. The right content develops customer trust and retention.

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  1. What Do Businesses Look Like?

E-Commerce sites are 2-dimensional until images start showing. Visitors are assailed by glitz from each corner of the website, so the way businesses maintain their brand image is of paramount importance.

  1. Good Ideas Also Fall Under Content

An e-commerce site needs to anticipate visitor needs and suggest an improvement or upgrade ideas to ensure the right content for the website. The market is changing every day; firms need to keep up with the pace of this change.

  1. Answer Visitors Questions

Getting to know the questions that visitors have, and thoughtfully responding to them in a regular blog spot, is the goldmine for any e-Commerce site. Sites like  Answer the Public are a treasure trove when it comes to understanding customer expectations. Often it’s the most straightforward questions that no-one has thought to address, that can set the website apart from the competition.

If firms are looking for ways to convert more leads, marketers should start by thinking who those leads are, why they’re visiting the e-commerce site, and how firms can make each visit by visitors worth remembering!

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