Tips to ensure better internal communication with remote customer service members

    Tips to ensure better internal communication with remote customer service members

    Internal communication is vital for the smooth running of an organization; however, the pandemic induced remote work environment has resulted in a negative impact on the communication lines 

    The pandemic has completely changed the ways employees interact among themselves. CMOs believe that the deployment of an effective internal communications strategy between customer service teams is required to align the organization properly. Internal communication with customer service teams can be improved with the following measures.

    Streamline communication for the remote support teams

    Marketing leaders say that proper attention should be paid to the person interacting with it during internal communications. In-depth detail is not required when sharing high-level policy or strategy. It is enough to communicate only the vital parts of the plan and the action points. More straightforward points will make it easier for the team to know the desired goals and required efforts.

    For internal communications being sent to individual employees, the management can consider adding more details like guidelines, end goals, and next action steps. Micro-management of employees needs to be avoided. Most customer service teams are already aware of the nuances related to their jobs and do not need specific and detailed instructions on how to do it. They only require a push in the right direction and not hand-holding.

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    Better visualization of Remote Customer Service policy

    Better and efficient visualization of communication makes understanding and retention easier. Video calls and team chat tools are the most common methods of business communication. The remote work environment has increased the necessity for visual communication methods during customer service calls even more.

    A proper team collaboration strategy requires sub-strategies like collaborative team dynamics meeting process, collaborative leadership skills, collaborative team relationships, stakeholder strategy, coordinated business strategy, and collaboration skills.

    An excellent visual map helps to divide the main goal into smaller achievable targets. A strategic road map will ensure that everyone is aware of each step and easily be reminded of the steps.

    Better public awareness of remote customer service teams

    The current unprecedented situation is still evolving. Newer information and technology directly affects the organizations and the mode of working for service departments. Organizations and managers need to be informed and aware, and work to advocate customer service departments’ awareness.

    Marketing leaders suggest regular sharing of updates from reputed organizations like WHO and CDC in the organization’s internal communications, to ensure everyone is on the same page. However, all information must be verified thoroughly before it’s circulated within the organization. Any wrong data or incorrect rumor may end up damaging the brand’s reputation irreversibly.

    Leaders should be proactive and be prepared for the potential questions that other teams may have, ensuring that all concerns are properly addressed. The awareness of customer service teams will have a direct impact on their client interactions. A detailed FAQ is advised for the internal staff to ensure better customer service. To do this they need to create a central process where managers can send across regular updates. Team and staff meetings are good venues to share such updates

    Empathy towards remote customer staffs

    The remote work environment has resulted in limited to zero access to specific applications for customer staff. The present work scenario has been quite unprecedented, and hence enterprises need to ensure the internal communication messaging remains empathetic.

    Working in remote areas has increased the pressure on single-parent families and families with an invalid person. The continued isolation has also increased the re-occurrence of loneliness for employees. These are only a few of the challenges that team members could be facing right now!

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    Enterprises need to acknowledge that customer service teams work in a complicated situation and put forward measures to help them get through the situation.

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