TikTok – How Brands Can Benefit From It amid Crisis

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    TikTok – How BrandsCan Benefit From It amid Crisis

    TikTok is becoming the most favorite social platform for people globally amid the quarantine phase, and brands are planning to leverage it better

    In a bid to use social media for branding, the way to success is by prioritizing the marketing mix and keeping content standards top of their mind. Marketers must create regular posts and be involved in trending topics to keep the audience engaged. Ever since its launch, TikTok had already made its mark as one of the fastest-growing platforms in the history of social media marketing. And, amid this lockdown period, it has gone to the next level as an international pastime!

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    Undoubtedly, people are stuck at home all over the world, and as a result, the social media usage pattern has skyrocketed. TikTok growth has hit the highest with more than 100 million downloads in March itself. The audience range is mostly between 25 to 45 years, and it is increasingly rising every day, reported TikTok. Besides, it is now grabbing the attention of the consumers of older demographics as well.

    To keep up with the latest digital trends and evolving consumer behavior, many brands are taking interest to understand TikTok better. Many marketers are still skeptical about recognizing such a platform and advertising on it. The TikTok interface and rules are different compared with popular platforms like Facebook or Instagram. According to Wallaroo, TikTok now has nearly 800 million active users monthly. Many successful brands have already started to figure out how to make the most of the branding in this rapidly growing channel. Thus, marketers need to think ‘out of the box’ while strategizing in it.

    The content standard is one of the vital elements that need to be considered to boost viewership and customer engagement. TikTok demands totally a different set of creatives – like the vertical video and the content, which is of 15 seconds or less. The platform welcomes unpolished content with an added fitting soundtrack.

    Brands must take care of frequency while advertising on it as per the algorithm. Many brands are doing well with multiple new posts a day; however, the content used here is lightweight. It need not be like the quality of posts on YouTube or Instagram, but the only frequency is essential. For instance, the best TikTok influencers post over five times a day.

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    Another thing to consider is the trend.  There are new trends every week via music, jokes, skits, and more. Participating in them could be an easy way to elevate the success of the brand channel.

    Basically, the value involved here is twofold. At first, the TikTok algorithm strengthens the exposure of the videos in what’s trending and, thus, give a surge in the viewership. Secondly, the brand can benefit from the ‘cool’ move the trend. Stepping into the pool of modern consumers could be intimidating for a brand – however, it is all about time, creativity, and practice. Clearly, it is high time for the remaining brands to invest in the platform for brand presence, and to create a massive following – via compelling content for the digital enterprise consumers.