Three Ways B2B Marketers can Capitalize on Social Media in 2022

    Three Ways B2B Marketers can Capitalize on Social Media in 2022-01

    With the growing competition on social media platforms, it is becoming increasingly difficult for B2B marketers to capitalize on them. However, knowing the latest strategies and ways to execute them can help B2B marketers to effectively leverage their social media.

    The usage of social media platforms by the masses has been dramatically increased. But, the changes that occurred since March 2022 have been nothing short of transformation, especially for the B2B marketing.

    While businesses have been using social media platforms to engage with their prospects and customers, many only created them out of necessity just for the sake of online presence. But, with in-person interactions being restricted, B2B organizations had no choice but to find creative ways to engage with customers and thus opt for alternative avenues.

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    What was considered a platform for B2C consumers to just share opinions for fun became the greatest for B2B engagement. Today, social media enabled brands to interact more closely with their target audience than on any other platform. However, as the prospects and customers become savvier by the scroll of platforms as well as the aggressive selling approach, it opens a window of opportunity for B2B marketers to provide relevant, valuable content as well as tempting ads that resonate with target users. At the same time, what may have worked in the past may not work in the future. Thus, to stay ahead of the curve, here are a few ways that B2B marketers can capitalize on social media in 2022 and beyond:

    • Incorporate video content in B2B social media strategies 

    With the emergence of reels, video content dominated 2021. People are fond of watching what was happening and feel closer to the action, which is likely to continue into 2022. As per Hubspot’s “Not Another State of Marketing Report 2021,” 30% of marketers are planning to invest more in the short-form video than any other social media strategy in 2022. Additionally, 33% of marketers are planning to capitalize on short-form video for the very first time.

    However, it does not mean that B2B marketers should rule out long-form content. In fact, they can be repackaged in short-form pieces and shared in Stories, reels, videos, and much more.

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    • Grow brand connection and personalization

    B2B marketers should acknowledge the acute human person on the other side of the scroll. They should begin to engage on a more personal level, even if they’re the business.

    Today, storytelling has the highest impact on social media engagement, and there is no better platform for stories than social media. Even B2B customers should follow concerts, causes, and content that connects them to their goals. B2B marketers should opt for making more relatable videos and content that is more personalized.

    The B2B marketer as a collective should thus take on and extend the identity as well as the story of individuals in the industry they are trying to reach. Hence, CMOs should see what they do and put people before profit while the others will follow.

    • Increase B2B Social Community

    Groups and social communities are nothing new. But, they facilitate an even deeper, personal connection with the audience. Brands have used their social media communities to pique the interest in their prospective customers and launch new products or services. They should engage with them in a meaningful way while gaining valuable customer insights. B2B marketers, thus, should maintain their B2B community to strengthen their connection and its impact.

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