Three Strategies to Refine Customer Experience

    Three Strategies to Refine Customer Experience-01

    As customer experience continues to evolve, brands should take the necessary steps to refine their strategies.

    In the post-pandemic economy, there’s a lot of buzz around hybrid workplaces. While the debate between the remote and in-person offices will continue to advance well into the future, the critical topic that brands seem to be ignoring is customer experience. While traditional businesses such as retailers are planning a comeback, they should consider how it will impact the overall customer experience they are currently delivering.

    With brands more likely to embrace a split between e-commerce activity and in-person sales, there are a few CX strategies that they should consider while refining their plans for the transition ahead:

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    ●       Integrating remote workforce

    With a re-emphasis to operate on traditional working models, brands are quite tempted to let go of the pandemic-inflated remote workforce. While businesses such as retail will need to rehire onsite workers again, it doesn’t mean that they should shed their current employees. They should think before they let go of their customer service agents.

    Even though remote teams sacrifice the in-person, physical interaction element, they provide many benefits to a remote workforce. Brands should consider recruiting better talent, providing flexible schedules and reducing the overall overhead costs. Instead of making a rather expensive shift away from remote customer service representatives, they should seek ways to improve their existing setup, such as focusing on engagement. This will keep the employees interested and happy. Additionally, it will enable brands to stay the same, already-trained remote workforce integrated into a hybrid online/in-person customer experience.

    ●       Keeping the teams informed and equipped

    With customer experience continuing to evolve, it can set off a chain reaction that can impact the way businesses operate. If left unchecked, it can negatively impact the overall customer experience. For a customer, the experience can be dreadful if they find that the employee of the brand isn’t sure about what the call or email was about. It can even become worse if the customer does not have any means to contact the brand in the first place. Thus, to avoid such issues, brands should keep their staff updated with any and every change that will impact the customer experience. Brands should also pass the information to their team as they move toward adopting new customer expectations and behaviors.

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    ●       Maintaining a growth mindset

    Incorporating the latest tools and adopting best practices are critical aspects of the day-to-day operations of any brand. It can enable them to manage the small-yet-impactful changes that are taking place in the customer experience all the time. However, brands should always be flexible in their approach. Instead of relying on a specific customer experience strategy for their business operations, they should adopt and maintain a growth mindset. Brands should continue to gather and analyze relevant customer experience data to inform customer journey. Instead of treating success as an endpoint, brands should stop along the way as they enhance their customer experience.

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