According to a prediction by Mediakix study, ad spends on influencer marketing could reach $10 billion by 2020.

Today, digital Marketers are striving to keep up with the ever-evolving updates, technologies, and algorithm changes. As we enter a new decade, here are some of the key digital marketing trends one needs to look out for in 2020.

  1. Social Media Influencer Marketing

Influencers with millions of followers on social media became mainstream in 2019. The social media influencer marketing will only multiply in 2020 with more and more niche content creators entering the scene.

Brands and businesses knocked on the doors of the already established influencers this year. However, in 2020, companies will also move towards people with a smaller social media following. They will try to reach a targeted audience of a different demographic. Personalized marketing will be one of the top-most priorities of marketers next year.

As per the latest research, 92 percent of people believe and relate to consumer recommendations than any corporate advertising. Marketers are also roping influencers and content creators from social video app TikTok. According to a prediction by Mediakix study, by 2020, ad spends on influencer marketing could reach $10 billion.

  1. Ad-Engagement from video streaming

There is no doubt that video has become an essential digital marketing tool in 2019. The trend will continue to grow in 2020 as well. As per Tubular Insights, live videos on Facebook Live and Instagram Live are responsible for keeping audiences hooked to videos three times longer than the usual recorded ones. There has been a 25% year-over-year rise in the digital budgets, according to IAB’s 2019 Video Advertising Spend report.

The report also revealed that in the US, 74 percent of consumers who are 13 years and older watch streaming or online video at least weekly while 41 percent watch daily. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on live streaming and videos in 2020.

  1. Rising advances in technology

Consumer engagement with ads will transform in 2020 as a result of the rise in new technologies like AI, ML, connected devices, and voice search. The rise in 5G technology will change the way consumers access and consume content. The mobile usage, which is already at its peak, will only multiply in 2020 with growing 5G technology across the globe.

Thanks to the advancement in AI, it will be easier to offer personalized content to consumers in the form of digital videos, stories, and more. With a rise in IoT devices and smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, voice search will continue to expand.