Three E-commerce Strategies B2B Marketers should implement in 2022

    Three E-commerce Strategies B2B Marketers should implement in-01

    With the upheaval in technological advancements, it is difficult to see what 2022 may bring for E-commerce. Hence, B2B marketers and marketing leaders should have strategies to enable them to navigate the uncertainty in the marketplace.

    With the arrival of 2022, B2B organizations are full-steam ahead with their marketing strategies. For B2B marketers, it is an opportunity to learn from active e-commerce on a national and global scale. Due to the ongoing situation, many B2B customers are working in a remote environment, while others are taking precautions to transition to business operations involving more in-person interaction. Both the board members and their interested customers are anxious about the year ahead.

    E-commerce is growing rapidly, even after various events and mandate shutdowns. Even after receiving the warning about supply chain shortages and shipping delays due to holiday seasons, many people are continuing to spend. As per a report from Statista, in 2020, global e-eCommerce sales skyrocketed to US $ 4.28 trillion and projected to reach US $ 5.4 trillion in 2022. Most people have had to shop online due to the necessity of providing the organization with a dedicated target audience. Not only that, but the target audience is also changing as more millennials are responding to making B2B purchasing decisions that also understand modern technology.

    Given the criticality of the current situation, it is crucial that marketing leaders ensure that their organization is prepared for the New Year and the trends that may follow. Here are a few steps they can take to retain relevance for their marketing campaigns:

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    • Look for technological changes that will impact purchases and communication

    With many resources working remotely, especially B2B customers, they are concerned about depreciation schedules for applications to maintain their communication. If they do not have the proper means to communicate, they will not be able to function as a business. Thus, marketing leaders should research if certain technologies will become archaic during the year. If marketing organizations have products on a depreciation schedule, they should warn their loyal client base accordingly. The B2B firm may have software supporting these APIs in some cases. Acting proactively by providing high-quality solutions to B2B customers, they will see the organization as a trustworthy entity.

    • Develop a suitable website 

    While this is a given, when selling B2B products, marketing leaders should ensure that their website is user-friendly on various platforms. They should design a mobile platform that will enable them to reach more customers than those who simply work on a website on a desktop or laptop.

    Marketing leaders should take time to reduce the loading time to a bare minimum. They should aim for an average of two seconds it will take on any device. Additionally, they should troubleshoot navigation and account for users with disabilities so that a customer can do a thorough search as well as potentially convert.

    • Have multiple purchasing options in place

    Marketing leaders should collaborate with their counterparts on creating solutions that make it easier for customers to make a purchase. They should incorporate popular payment methods that increase convenience for prospective customers.

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    B2B organizations should consider the advantages of incorporating blockchain cryptocurrencies or Bitcoins. If they think about implementing them, they should have regulatory oversight or fiat currency due to the pricing volatility that cannot guarantee a reliable source of revenue.

    Despite what uncertainties with e-commerce organizations and the world will bring, marketing leaders should not fear what 2022 may bring. They should instead prepare them to navigate the path that the online world brings and find opportunities to tackle.

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